As Pride month opens, nearing the 50th anniversary of the riot at the Stonewall Inn, I am crying happy tears.

I've loved, I've been married, I have seen progress I never thought I'd witness, and I have friends of the next generation who now look up to me as a role model. /1

I've only been politically aware for the last quarter-century, and in that time I went from frightened teenager, to fiery activist, to confident mentor.

I can see just how much better life has become for those who have followed after me. How fighting so hard paid off. /2

But it's not over by a long shot. The decade of the 2000s showed us just how fast social progress can snap back at us, and the current political climate shows how easy it still is to oppress others.

There are still grand fights to win. /3


Gay men and lesbians have won a great deal of progress in recent decades, but we can't sit back and relax.

It's now our responsibility to keep fighting for those still marginalized: trans folks and queer people of color, just for starters. /4

So this , remember that WE ARE NOT DONE, and we will not be done for some time to come. Fight for equality, for fairness for all, for the rights everyone deserves to share in.

We celebrate because we can, and we continue to fight because we must. /end

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