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Ok, so for you former Plussers, or anyone else, I finally put links to all my current social media profiles on my home domain page. We'll see which of the various newer places actually gets some serious buy-in from users.
Listed here:

Several years ago, Porsche took over the grounds of the old shuttered Ford factory and had a contingent of rainbow Porsches in the parade.

Scenes from the rainy Atlanta Pride parade yesterday.

The last one is me. Yeah, I'm "one of those." 🤷‍♂️😆

In 1991, at age 15, I came out as gay to a close friend. Despite the cultural paranoia of the time, he fully accepted me as I am.

Not everyone has the privilege of that kind of acceptance. But if you can be out, come out. There's great strength in numbers.

Some pics from this past weekend. I ended up scraping the footpegs four times... Looks like I've gotten fast enough that I need to start shifting my body weight more to reduce lean angle.

Some prefer the more scenic roads in the area; this weekend I wanted the challenge instead.

President Carter, you were too good for us as President, and you're far too good for us today. We didn't deserve you.

Reuters: 'Tell the truth ... for a change': ex-President Carter's advice to Trump.

Definitely needed that this weekend. Nearly 11 hour ride and didn't feel like I'd sweated out ten gallons in the process.

Western Union, 1880s: competition in telegraphy is bad for America

AT&T, 1910s, 1950s, 1970s: competition in telephony is bad for America

Facebook, 2019: competition in social is bad for America

Zuck, we've heard it all before. Saying it again won't make it true.

Oh no, electromagnetic waves are hurting you?

Better avoid the sun altogether. Or heating. Or artificial lighting. Or electricity. And even then, your body is still radiating it too. 😆

Ars: Woman who sleeps in EMF-blocking sack wants Wi-Fi limits.

Our national political conversation has turned a corner. Reached a milestone. Crossed a threshold. And other metaphors.

Of course, what this means is that the podcast is going daily. Google and Apple Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, the app, and many other places!


Think of it this way: Trump was willing to release the "transcript" with Zelensky, in which he openly violated US law, before he was willing to release his tax returns.


[On life being complicated]

I considered blissful ignorance once, but decided it was too boring.



The African Lilac-breasted roller bird
(Photo: Sharifa Jinnah)


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Third time taking a trip up this 38% grade hill, which requires a wide turn at the top without stopping to make it through successfully.

...Oops, didn't turn as wide as I should have. 5 mph tipover in the shoulder.

Need a new mirror now, but everything else is totally unhurt.

" right honourable friend the Prime Minister, the leader of the House, and other members of the Cabinet, whose serial disloyalty has been such an inspiration for so many of us." (

UK Parliament still has that sharp-tongued wit down pat. 😆

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