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Ok, so for you former Plussers, or anyone else, I finally put links to all my current social media profiles on my home domain page. We'll see which of the various newer places actually gets some serious buy-in from users.
Listed here:

Don't forget the US Senate.

If we don't get the Republicans out of power there, McConnell will continue to damage this country with impunity.

In terms of DC villains:

Trump is the Joker, reckless and unhinged.

McConnell is Lex Luthor, scheming the *really* long game.

I sent in my Presidential primary (absentee) ballot, and I voted for someone other than

But if he's nominated, I'm absolutely voting for him in the general.

Will Bernie supporters meet the rest of us halfway on this commitment, in case he doesn't get nominated?

"He was alone in his Troy, N.Y., apartment, dying of the flu. But [...] police couldn’t pinpoint the phone’s location."

Student... "dying of the flu", this is also a story of failure of the healthcare system to be accessible to younger people.

When catches someone fibbing about numbers.

Friend: "You shouldn't block everyone who has a difference of opinion."

Me: "I block people who have clearly lost the will to understand fact vs. fiction. That's cognitive dissonance, not a 'difference of opinion.'"

Friend: "But you're creating an echo chamber."




Which app did you start your Social Media life on?

1.) Facebook
2.) Kik
3.) Snapchat
4.) Instagram
5.) Telegram
6.) Twitter
7.) MySpace
8.) None of the above


It might not rake in the bucks, but playing around on your own will keep you sharp and connect you with others. You never know who you'll meet, what you'll discover, or where your future will go from there.

Thank you, I owe a lot of my life today to you. 12/end

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The lesson here for those growing up in the IT industry today: it's good to have an aside, something that tickles those ganglia, whether a personal idea or a group project.

"Hacking" in the classical sense, where playing around with technology is what makes it worthwhile. 11/

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NetBSD still runs on a staggering number of hardware platforms, far exceeding any other operating system in existence.

It may not be as widespread as Linux, but it has an outsized influence on the Internet we know today. "Of course it runs NetBSD!" 10/

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By 2007, I had moved in the same direction as much of the IT industry. My heritage was firmly rooted in NetBSD, but my career's future was Linux, and I no longer had a computer at home running NetBSD all the time.

So, I resigned from the project, a bittersweet ending. 9/

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Along the way, I got to meet and interact with people whose names show up prominently in books about the history of computing and the Internet.

Amazing people whom I still look up to today, over 20 years later; who shaped my work ethic, programming style, and personality. 8/

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I didn't have a lot of influence on NetBSD itself. I contributed little bits of code here and there, helped to bring in outside contributions, and helped out with some projects to streamline the system and make it work on more types of hardware.

But it was *fun*! 7/

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In 1997, after a lot of back and forth on the project's mailing lists, I was invited to join and contribute directly.

...Really, me!? Work with folks who personally know all these influential people in the IT industry and who literally *created* the modern Internet? 6/

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Over the next two years, I learned a lot about BSD, operating systems in general, C programming, TCP/IP networking, and all the bells and whistles that went with it.

While I was answering customer support calls at a tiny local ISP, I was experimenting on NetBSD as a hobby. 5/

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So I thought, "cool, this is what the really smart people do with computers, I can do this too!"

I may have been a pretty major geek by the time I was 18, but I didn't realize I was about to find my way into the echelon of übergeeks. 4/

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Unix, born in the early 1970s, holds a very special place in computing history.

It's where the C programming language came from, and its ideas and environment gave rise to the modern Internet, operating systems like Linux and MacOS X, and many other related technologies. 3/

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Some time in late 1994, I had borrowed a friend's Amiga 3000 and thought, "I wonder what else I can run on this."

I found NetBSD, and it immediately caught my attention. It also tickled my curiosity about computing history — it was based on BSD, a direct descendant of Unix. 2/

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While thinking back on my career today, I looked at my résumé. I've worked for a handful of companies in several different roles in the IT industry, but by far and away, the position that had the most impact on me was volunteering, for the Foundation. 1/

Presented with no official further comment.


Workers at Oracle, often regarded as one of the more conservative tech companies, have joined the tech workers movement. Worker power knows no bounds.


Today I had to say goodbye to this guy, "Tea". He just turned 22 last week, but his health has been going downhill rapidly for the last year and he was in too much persistent pain.

He's off to join his first companion who left us in 2006.

Fly free, little one. ❤️


When birb needs absolutely ALL THE PETS


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