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Ok, so for you former Plussers, or anyone else, I finally put links to all my current social media profiles on my home domain page. We'll see which of the various newer places actually gets some serious buy-in from users.
Listed here:

I voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary. He didn't get the nomination, so I threw all my support behind Sen./Sec. Clinton because she deserved it.

He isn't even getting my attention for 2020. You actually won some real change in the platform. Quit while you're ahead, Bern.

RT I found Bernie a bit of a short lived novelty then, and today just overdone. His impact was platform policy shifts and he should have left it at that.

My favorites right now are all women, and that's really cool. I'm excited for this possibility.


Newsmedia: "The reason for the citizenship question on the Census is unclear."

The effect is blatantly obvious: reducing both political power and funding of geographic areas with high immigrant populations through chilling effects. It takes no effort to find intent from there. Also almost all checkboxes in the checkout forms have exactly the same problem.

Time to put out an ad for an accessibility QA engineer, because your current QA group doesn't have a clue what they are doing.

Hey your "Proceed to checkout" button has the HTML attribute 'aria-hidden="true"' on it.

Way to go. Non sighted people can't find your checkout button and so can't buy anything.

That's beyond boneheaded.

It's like something out of a totally awesome fever dream.

Thanks! 😎

I've never really been a shutterbug, but this one off of a simplistic phone camera makes me think maaaybe...

(Tanners Bridge, built 1918. Interesting juxtaposition of mostly-brown near side with leafless trees, and plenty of greenery growing at the far side of the bridge.)


The Mueller Report, 448 pages

At DOJ, 139 MB (not searchable, not handling the traffic too well)

Google Drive (140 MB, searchable, OCR'd & uploaded by me just now)


So what if demanding tax returns (like every responsible candidate does anyway) is "harassment." After years of being a bully, he deserves every moment of turnabout.

Isn't it interesting how like to advertise speed 10mph in excess of the express lane speed limit, to entice drivers to pay a toll and potentially get a speeding ticket? (Express limit is 55.)

Encouraging illegal activity for revenue. Hmm. 🤔

Those are the folks who built the computing industry. They are the ones who became the wizards.

Self-driven learning is a skill that cannot be taught, and it pays the largest dividends. [end]

The hungry tinkerers are those who will go out on their own and play with technology because they want to learn. These are the ones who are unafraid to use volunteering on open source projects to beef up a résumé or show you a little personal project they have on their laptop.

In my experience in this industry, there are three major types: the wizard, the bullshitter, and the hungry tinkerer.

The first knows their stuff, sure. Go for it.

The second looks good on paper but can't do more than rote exercises.

The third is a gem to treasure.

If I'm faced with a choice between someone who can write a FizzBuzz but leaves breadcrumbs of embellishment in an interview, or one who can tell me about a programming language and honestly points out when they'll need to look up documentation, I'll prefer the latter. Every time.

I've done tech hiring for 20 years and I've yet to ask a single "write a program" question.

Instead, I ask detailed questions about concepts that probe for learning skills. Those tell me whether they have the fundamentals, and the willingness to learn the knowledge they lack.


I've been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple rule: If someone can't write FizzBuzz in Python and binary tree insertion in vanilla C99, don't hire them.


This is interesting. The demise of has made me more active on social media than I have been in better than a year.
Diaspora still feels way too clunky to me, Mastodon is fine but has fewer G+ exiles, and Twitter is noisy but still sorta OK.


Today in history, Netscape Corporation was founded. I find it funny that a browser company that no longer exists was started on 4/04.


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