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Ok, so for you former Plussers, or anyone else, I finally put links to all my current social media profiles on my home domain page. We'll see which of the various newer places actually gets some serious buy-in from users.
Listed here:

Psychedelics are back in research after decades of political paranoia because of promising applications in medicine and elsewhere. (My migraines can vouch.)

Here's a panel presentation from about psychedelics given yesterday.

1. Like, "duh?"

2. No, this was neither disclosed to users, nor was it possible to opt out.

3. Y'all trust FB while calling out Google, which says up front what it does with data, as a "privacy nightmare" (especially oblivious iPhone Siri users)? 🤦‍♂️

It does feel pretty hot out there, but not quite 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Go home, You're drunk. 😆

I left the computer/console gaming world in the mid 1990s, just as FPS/perspective-based gameplay was on the rise, so I really haven't been significantly exposed to that.

So my gaming experience is about as separated from modern gameplay as it was from Pong.

I need to catch up.

This is something I find silly. Googlers who are complaining about treatment for expressing political opinions at work, your first mistake was EXPRESSING POLITICAL OPINIONS AT WORK.

Free speech is in the public forum, not in the workplace. When the accidental pause has just the right look and caption

Tonight/tomorrow, loud SFX in ATL dramatizing the '96 Centennial Olympic Park bombing for . It's a film so I wonder if it will even *mention* the bombing also by Eric Rudolph. We'll have to wait and see.

I know not everyone likes The Atlantic, but they are first publishers of this.

Reagan to Nixon: "...those monkeys from those African countries..."

Yeah, I already spit on Reagan's memory for his treatment of AIDS. This just adds to his bullshit legacy.

This year, my employer's annual harassment/sensitivity training course has a very comprehensive section on transgender folks and gender identity. Way to go!

Well, if there were no collusion with Russia, here's actively soliciting help from a different foreign power during the campaign.



JUST IN: Trump aide submitted drafts of 2016 "America First" energy speech to senior United Arab Emirates officials for edits, according to emails and text messages uncovered by a House Oversight Committee investigation.


Grammar error aside, I'm kinda disturbed at this survey question. Hands-free operation is critical.

To be fair, the other survey questions asked about how to improve Assistant, but this one took me aback a bit.

I'm proud to live right next door to Clarkston. I'm happy not to be surrounded by just pasty white faces like mine. This is what America should be.

Georgia used to have progressive representation in the US Senate, and it deserves that again.


Too young. Too soon. Too unrealistic. That's what they said when I ran for mayor of Clarkston, GA. But I didn't listen. And I won.

Now I'm running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia to take on David Perdue. Watch our announcement video and join our campaign.


"...PLOT TWIST, the world's first gender-reveal party baby is a girl who wears suits!"

Yep, not everything has to be put into a simple binary choice. Props for fostering your kid's chosen form of self-expression. They're gonna move mountains someday.

RT I’m so glad!! Love to you & yours 💕


Someone told me today that I'm "woke."

I don't adopt that label because I know there's always some way I can improve further, by learning from someone else's life experience.

One of the most powerful tools of being human is the ability to listen and learn something new.

Hey I set "ObCaseInsensitive" to 0 for a reason.

Quit resetting it back to 1 on every damn feature update. You're breaking my Cygwin install. Kthxbai.


"i saw them covered in blood. i saw them crying. i saw them running, hiding in nearby shops, chased through the streets by organised groups of nazis that kept screaming: WE’LL KILL ALL FAGGOTS."

But, ya know, we should listen to all sides... 🤬


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