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Ok, so for you former Plussers, or anyone else, I finally put links to all my current social media profiles on my home domain page. We'll see which of the various newer places actually gets some serious buy-in from users.
Listed here:

The should keep last night's interview between and Lev Parnas in mind.

This may turn out to be a major turning point event.

No more endless wars, he said.

Congratulations, Great Pumpkin, you've started a war.

From an Australian friend:

If the Opera House were on fire, would call it "open-air renovation."

The new music video is awesome


Best trick shot of the decade for sure (Via


New(-to-me) wheels. 2018 CX-5 AWD.

Picture taken just before going off-road and getting things rather dirty. πŸ˜†

Billboard seen on the way back from visiting family before the holidays: "Holy matrimony is one man and one woman."

This is why we aren't done. This is why we still fight back. Because they're still out there fighting us; they haven't stopped either.

This, btw, is why you're having trouble reaching truly progressive and younger people.

We don't trust businesses to Do The Right Thing. If they can get away with highway robbery, THEY WILL.

UBI without protections is useless; and may well end up *expanding* wealth inequality.

So again, UBI itself is not bad. But it's PART of a solution. What's your WHOLE solution, /fin

People are still going to need to rent housing, buy groceries, pay for electricity/gas/water (from "deregulated" utilities in some states). These things are ripe for abuse if suddenly Everyone In America Has More Money.

Someone on here tried to keep steering a conversation like this towards "well, people will try home ownership more!"

Yeah, that's not a solution. That's a wishful-thinking attitude borne out of suburbia. Come see how people live in an actual urban center first.

Adding UBI without safeguards to prevent abuse by that next level will basically turn it into a handout for retail, housing, and utilities, putting us right back at Square 1.

Show me a UBI proposal that DOES address these issues. You want to make America think harder, right? Sure, UBI is a concept that has worked at smaller scale. I'm not inherently against it.

But you can't propose this and assume that the next-level recipients (retail, housing, utilities) won't jack up prices to consume the new income. They will do it if they can get away with it.

The problem with

He diagnoses part of our major economic problems really well.

He addresses it with "let's increase income and **MAGIC HAPPENS!**"

If you're going to upend economic design, you MUST address social adaptation at the same time.

PREDATORY IT RECRUITER ALERT: (specifically solicits via employers' e-mail addresses, putting employees at risk in their jobs. Any truly professional recruiter knows better than to pull this stunt.

They will never get an affirmative response from me now.

Trump is playing checkers and saying, "I can't wait for you to King me."

The Democrats are playing long game chess and saying, "we might get a stalemate, but you aren't going to win outright."


A reminder that crying releases stored emotions. Don’t force yourself to stop, let it out πŸ’›


And today the UK wakes up to the same feeling of dread that gripped much of the US on November 9, 2016.

I'm sorry.


the feed is, honestly, heartbreaking.

too many people asking for help caring for sick loved ones, paying medical bills, affording student loans, trying to stay in their homes.

our country is broken.


Having a hard time not crying right now. Icon looked up to by my generation, even though few people would have recognized his human face.

Goodbye, Caroll Spinney.

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