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yay, I pissed off the / /reddit nerds by suggesting that 3d printing isn't always the solution to everything.
I suggested printing the part, then make a silicone mold and cast it in polyurethane as this was a large amount of small simple parts.

It's just so frustrating. I love 3d printing as much as the next enthusiast, but it's not the answer to everything. It's a tool, but it doesn't have to be the only tool in your toolbox.

online / / sites need a "filter by atheist/spiritual". If I see one more Medical Doctor with a book called "Healing with Nature" I'm...going to still need mental health care, but by someone who isn't going to throw rose quartz at my fucking head

I designed and a Monopod/stand. The deck gets a little heavy after a while and I end up resting it on my stomach, so I thought this might be a nice addition.


It's a weird position, when all your friends who play the same competitive game as you get better than you, and then you can't play with them unless they feel like slumming it or loading up yet-another-alt-account.

my god this is so freaking good. Absolutely amazing mashup of Rick James and Judas Priest. Another wonderful addition to the soul-metal mashup genre.


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@pele has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Welcome to this Jamcast server! Wolke7 On Air :)

#music #streaming #owncast #live #jamulus

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Netflix on one screen, visual studio code on the other in Linux on a 'gaming console'. Fuck yes

I did end up turning off the decks display and dropping both monitors down to 1600x900. Youtube videos were lagging a bit. Also got the realthinder link branch of working.(it didn't like the little screen being primary. Made all the menu text super tiny)

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Well this is awesome. running on a dell laptop dock to dual monitors over display port. It chugs if you try to game this way, but it's a great workstation. @FreeCAD

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Yesterday's lunch break was more time spent on the . I've got 20 hrs into and 90%of that had been on the steam deck. I honestly don't think I would like the game as much if I played it on desktop. The first 2 hours on desktop I definitely felt the old "gamer rage", but on the steam deck I can just physically set it down and walk away, or play little portions in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook.

It took significantly more tweaking than I expected, but I got breath of the wild running well on my
It's the wiiu version, and as difficult as it was, I'm tempted to just try to emulate the switch version. I got xenoblade chronicles definitive edition working great.

In case you were curious why we're never getting away from covid. This was in an engineering subreddit, so you'd 'hope' they were well educated, but they're just educated enough to justify anything to themselves.

I got syncthing setup and synced with my desktop so I could easily transfer new grid images for things like Discord and Firefox, so they wouldn't just be blank tiles. But because I wanted to put that on the sdcard, that required installed flexseal and finding the sdcard path

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My day 1 opinion.
For most "steam deck verified" games, it's a console experience. Turn on, install, play.
As soon as you get outside that, it's gonna get a little fuzzy for some people, but I love that it's an option, because I'm just that target audience.

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