Yesterday's lunch break was more time spent on the . I've got 20 hrs into and 90%of that had been on the steam deck. I honestly don't think I would like the game as much if I played it on desktop. The first 2 hours on desktop I definitely felt the old "gamer rage", but on the steam deck I can just physically set it down and walk away, or play little portions in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook.

It took significantly more tweaking than I expected, but I got breath of the wild running well on my
It's the wiiu version, and as difficult as it was, I'm tempted to just try to emulate the switch version. I got xenoblade chronicles definitive edition working great.

In case you were curious why we're never getting away from covid. This was in an engineering subreddit, so you'd 'hope' they were well educated, but they're just educated enough to justify anything to themselves.

I got syncthing setup and synced with my desktop so I could easily transfer new grid images for things like Discord and Firefox, so they wouldn't just be blank tiles. But because I wanted to put that on the sdcard, that required installed flexseal and finding the sdcard path

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My day 1 opinion.
For most "steam deck verified" games, it's a console experience. Turn on, install, play.
As soon as you get outside that, it's gonna get a little fuzzy for some people, but I love that it's an option, because I'm just that target audience.

Thought I'd do a quick side-by-side comparison of the game BLOODSTAINED(@SwordOrWhip@twitter) on the vs the .
please excuse the excessive rambling, word swaps, and forgetting what year it is. I don't normally do videos.

well step one, get yourself a usb-ethernet adapter. Installing all your games over wifi is just, oof. even over solid 5G.

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One of my favorite discoveries recently is
Someone has gone through and documented the history of the popcorn song and almost every cover that has been created of it.
I was reminded of it watching the new show We've Got Company when they played the "dog bark" version :P

So my anxiety is sitting rather high in worry/anticipation right now.
🤞 please don't be damanged/lost/stolen 🤞

welp, despite my best efforts not to play it, for my birthday my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law bought me for my birthday, so I guess I'm finally playing it.
Wish me and my controller luck. I'll try not to break anything.

I think these two redditors have to fight to the death now.


Any of the fantastic covers done by the Heavy Metal late night show

Seriously, just buy all of their albums

is like chiptunes church music for the apocalypse and I can't recommend it enough

is the actual artist behind KEYGEN CHURCH and they make chiptune synth metal

Only album I've bought so far today is the excellent 3 piece stoner metal band GNOME! Check em out

apparently I'm running a *checks notes* Communism-based OS on my computer.
Or, I guess I should say, 'our' computer, eh comrade.

's song Golden Future off their newest album has the most satisfying use of Steel Drums I've ever heard used in a metal song.(partially because I've never heard steel drums used in a metal song)

yay I got running on my phone and desktop, and now my notebook is synced over wifi anytime I'm home!

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