@IronMan There is a good resource for tracking the consistent circumvention of Senate confirmation - as well as the attrition of administration officials, where they came from and where they went after - I haven't looked at it in awhile, but it is regularly updated and worth a bookmark: brookings.edu/research/trackin

That's a great resource. Thank you.

I use it to track things like local election law in the states. Lots of good things on it.

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The trolls on the bird site jumped all over me for that one, LOL!

So sensitive about "Dear Leader'

First, we have to continue to agree to support the eventual Democratic nominee and work with others to elect the next Democratic President.

The key concept here is that Mick Mulvaney admits that the GOP actively sabotages the economy when Democrats are in power to make themselves look better.

Tell your friends and fellow voters the truth about the Republican economy. Sharing information with people off social media is key to making change.

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#ClimateStrikers #FFFDelhi declare ‘Revolution Against Pollution” with a flash mob dance; strong message & even a stronger will!! @gretathunberg

@IronMan He wants to avoid any chance of accountability or anyone questioning him on anything. Especially about Russian assistance for him. His moves are so transparent, but nobody can do anything. Its very frustrating. November 3rd can't come soon enough.

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Let that sink in.

We all know it.

Trump's kids & his actions confirm it.

Mueller knew it.

Putin admitted it.

Ukraine was about it.

Syria & Iran benefited it.

is helping it.

Trump asked for it, then denied & obstructed for it.

Virginia's Senate committee killed a bill on Monday ...

This bill would have banned the sale of assault-style weapons and high-capacity mags, but it was sent the to the state's Crime Commission for study.

Come on Virginia. Too many have died! You can do better! We all can!


"The Mind Stone is the fourth of the Infinity Stones to show up in the last few years. It's not a coincidence. Someone has been playing an intricate game and has made pawns of us."

-A throw away line at the end of Age of Ultron, to remove Thor from the playing field before Civil War. Yet it always sounded so ominous. We know Thanos wasn't manipulating the stones, so who was?

I took a couple day break. Went to Disneyland. Needed it. Anyway, back to business. Here’s Rhodey watching the debate last night.

Who had their money on "how many houses do you have?" being part of this?

@IronMan Bloomberg isn't wrong about the banking deserts in low income communities. That exodus and the predatory payday lenders that took the bank branches place when they moved out is a significant barrier to climbing out of generational poverty.

However, that is one of the very reasons that Warren championed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Trump has been trying to erase those protections.


We don't have a functioning capitalistic system. He knows it.

@IronMan I love hearing Warren talk about Education! Her plans will help so many!

No matter who the nominee is, they will be painted by the opposition as some scary thing or another. Socialist is 2020's emails right now. Like Hunter was for Biden just a couple of weeks ago. If another frontrunner emerges, they'll dig up some other lie.

I'm not letting it stop me. Nor should anyone.


@natashar @AgentHill

People are allowed their impulses, I think.

I am energized by seeing the debates. Less energized by birdsite comments to myself and others about the debate.

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