6. Then go back to your old account, "edit profile" and use "Move to a different account"

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5. You will get a message that tells you that you're successful if you've done it correctly that will show your old handle.

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4. Then put in the handle of your OLD account and hit "create alias."

This will connect your old account to this new one.

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3. Under "edit profile"- choose "Moving from a different account."

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2. Once you generate the account and confirm your email, stay logged into your new account and go to "edit profile"

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Andrew Cuomo is effectively the leader of the country.

@CallMeMJ @IronMan @TheSpiderMan @HeroesResist

Gov Polis here in CO has been giving regular updates throughout each week that are streamed. His calm leadership, presentation of facts, and explanations of what he is going to do to help us have been more reassuring to people here than Trump's anxiety-producing broadcasts. My view of the fed govt right now is they can't be trusted or relied upon so we're on our own.

Good afternoon.

I promised a few days ago that I would post instructions for anyone who needs or wants to on how to migrate their account to mstdn.social with us.

So here goes:

1. Make an account on mstdn.social/about

You can use the same email you already use or use a different one.

Eric Boehlert:
"BTW… He'll still be tweeting about his ratings when the US COVID19 death toll hits 50K. He doesn't care"

A great moment in U.S. history from Representative Lofgren.

These republicans that are Minnesota house members need to be voted out of office:
1st District-Jim Hagedorn
6th District-Tom Emmer
8th District-Pete Stauber

Thank you.

I don't have the Twitter app on my phone anymore, but Boehlert is good. And right.

People voted. Sanders lost volumes of support from 2016 to 2020. He lost states he won. In states he won this year, his support dropped.

Why they don't like voting is beyond me.
@NatashaRomanova @InternetKevin

Internet trolls can't vote, as results are showing.

We will unite and prevail.
@NatashaRomanova @InternetKevin

@NatashaRomanova @InternetKevin @IronMan

Eric Boehlert to The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill:
"We’ve had primaries. Biden has been winning in a rout. What exactly are people proposing that supersedes primary results?"

@InternetKevin @IronMan In case you’re wondering why Tony told you he doesn’t read (or in this case listen to) the Intercept, this link gives one of many reasons. Our team consists primarily of Democratic organizers, volunteers, and party members. Boosting sources that are anti-Democratic Party will not get the orange dung heap out of office. That goes for Matt Stoller as well. politico.com/magazine/story/20

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