One of the symptoms of depression is not being able to tell the big problems from the little problems.

Wanna do some good? Form a brigade and go after Alex Jones or Mike Cernovich or Richard Spencer. Punch a nazi. They're not hard to find.

Wilw didn't deserve this. No matter how you feel about him, this was unfair. And we should learn from it because it will happen again.

We have to be able to tell the big problems from the little problems.

Gaming headset giveaway 

Who wants this Razer Megalodon gaming headset? I’ll send it to the first one who replies. You’ll only have to pay shipping from Amsterdam to wherever you live.

Apart from moving the dock to the left and changing the desktop picture to Solid Grey Pro Ultra Dark, this is now pretty much the only preference left that I really need to set on a new Mac.

Why is target disk mode over a Thunderbolt 3 cable unbearably slow?

What are the better ad blockers for Safari these days? Prefer something that isn’t free.

Currently moving from a 2017 15" MBP to a brand new 13" 2018 one.

I got the 15" last year because I really wanted a 4-core CPU and now I can finally get that in a laptop that actually feels like a laptop. :)

The keyboard is nicer. I already liked it a lot in the 2017 revision, so you probably shouldn’t trust me on this. ;)

15" MBP for sale 

For sale: Space Grey 15" 2017 Touch Bar MacBook Pro. 2.9 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD. Complete in original box and in excellent shape as always. Pickup in Amsterdam, or shipping within the EU. Asking €2000 for it.

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