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Here is my farewell note to that bird site I wrote last year. All still applies. Hope it inspires y'all to stay right here.

Yeah, I suspect they're gonna cruise those five stage really slowly. They aren't gonna go gentle into that good night, so to speak.

Over on Twitter, Russia is the new Benghazi. Except this time it's the shitlibs losing their minds. It's fun the watch even though it was predictable. It will get boring fast.


I haven't seen much from neolibs *protecting* Klobucher or Gillibrand which brings us back to the point of their purpose is only about diluting the field. Idk how they could defend this behavior though.
Progressives are ripping every candidate, LOL.

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The shitlib women are soooo hornt for these men. Beto, Mueller, that creepy lawyer... so many gross hashtags
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This was just to give the illusion of a choice when this was planned long ago with that first meeting with Kamala and Hillary's donors in the Hamptons.

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I said multiple times that they *reformed* the superdelegate role to not vote until after the first round of the primaries, and packed the field so that no one could reach the number of delegates needed in the first round so that the party could STILL choose. Remember what DB said after?

She was when she was a baby. She had some sort of condition. She spoke about it at her town hall and the difficulty she had balancing work and life. Of course she still doesnt give a shit about making it easier for anyone else now that she has it easy. She can fuck right off.
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On your second point, someone pisted an article stating the DNC *strategy* was to dilute with Dem candidates so Bernie cannot get 50%.
(I'll see if I can find it).
Dems and the candidate (gillibrand, klobucher) dont care if theyre used and dont get votes.


It was so bad though, X. The sheep mentality of following the herdress. 🙄

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And it's ableist to call out the fact that she doesnt support Medicare for all bc her daughter is special needs. According to the news, the clown car isnt full yet, and we hit shitlib bingo already.
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Watching Rush - Rise of Kings. Amazing show.
I'm reminded about how Geddy in 1975 looked remarkably like Keith Richards does right now.


By the way @TinaDesireeBerg was filming and canvassing a small race going on in CA today and some woman grabbed her phone away... and dig this, slapped her. 😵

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So true. I left, ditched my Twitter acct (and 3K+ followers, including Tommy & Shelby Chong, Inner Circle, etc.. GOOD people!) I'm gone permanently, some came here, but then ghosted us and went back to Twitter.💔
I'm a free agent now. While I do miss all the good peeps and their interactions, I can't deal with Jack and his bullshit. We should be building solidarity, not kissing Jack or Mark's or anyone's ass as they treat us like a commodity.

Hopefully it doesnt get to that. I did request in my letter that someone contacts me and that I'd be happy to share my experiences and get others on board if they are interested in hearing abt it and including actual users to be part of the solution.

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