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Here is my farewell note to that bird site I wrote last year. All still applies. Hope it inspires y'all to stay right here.

After your 5th death, no one comes to your funeral anymore.

@TheXclass "My latest death..." sounds like the John Cleese version of "Dark Shadows".

@TheXclass Cripes, I created my "evil twin" account after the first time I was sent to the Time-Out Corner. Y'think that'd count?

The moment of my latest death.
Reason: Circumventing previous suspension. Again.

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There is no Twitter reincarnation. Death is permanent. They rekilled me this morning.


Twitter suspends 100k accounts for creating new ones after suspension | Reuters

@TheXclass @MissJules5x I'm going to hate watch cable news and laugh at the fucking idiots

@PattiTweets Well, I just got whacked again. Come visit me here once in awhile.

Yeah, I suspect they're gonna cruise those five stage really slowly. They aren't gonna go gentle into that good night, so to speak.

Over on Twitter, Russia is the new Benghazi. Except this time it's the shitlibs losing their minds. It's fun the watch even though it was predictable. It will get boring fast.


I haven't seen much from neolibs *protecting* Klobucher or Gillibrand which brings us back to the point of their purpose is only about diluting the field. Idk how they could defend this behavior though.
Progressives are ripping every candidate, LOL.

@MissJules5x @flugennock

The shitlib women are soooo hornt for these men. Beto, Mueller, that creepy lawyer... so many gross hashtags
@PattiTweets @flugennock

@PattiTweets @TheXclass @flugennock
This was just to give the illusion of a choice when this was planned long ago with that first meeting with Kamala and Hillary's donors in the Hamptons.

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