Oops. Typo in my "I'm moving" post. The last bit got deleted by auto correct. To re-follow me on the scholar.social instance, you can find me at @TheWayneGibbons@scholar.social

Hi folks. I've switched instance. I have found a small number of people on here that I am happy to follow, but I found the "local" timeline was filling up with posts that don't interest me. So, to keep things "on point", I have moved to the scholar.social instance. I was able to transfer the data of those I am following on the .cloud instance, but I will lose the followers I had gained. You can re-follow me, if you like, at @thewayne

Have to say, Apple's "Free app of the week" is a cracker this week. It's a game called FRAMED, and it's a nice twist on the platformer theme. Really enjoying it, check it out if you like puzzle games and you have an iPhone.

@dajbelshaw@social.coop and @daibarnes have you seen Tung.fm? I know you were using Anchor for a while until it morphed into something else, but I came across Tung yesterday and it might be worth a look as an alternative. tung.fm/

Just started watching Black Mirror. I am not sure what holds the episodes together (watched first 3, season 1 so far), but I do like the kind of short-story-tv mode, where each episode is it's own story. I thought I wouldn't like that, but a good short story is a lovely work, and a good episode can be that way.

Season 1 episode 1 threw me, though. I watched them in reverse order in season 1 accidentally, and I like that one least.

On Twitter I see the world burning. On Mastodon I see it being built. Is it any wonder I prefer Mastodon?

MY SON AND I JUST VOTED! (all caps moment)

It is very important to us to vote and as a parent I take it as a huge privilege and responsibility to teach my children to be aware of and enact their civic responsibilities.

I dislike when people say there is no hope for [insert something]. There is always hope and a vote is a vote and is worth as much as all the other votes and they all count.

Vote Vote Vote (whenever your elections may be) - because you can. #vote

The lighting on Apple's new Augmented Reality is amazing. Incredible to see that kind of dynamic rendering in real time on a mobile device.

I thought mastodon was supposed to show a chronological timeline? My "home" feed has posts in a very scattered order at the moment. Anyone else?

@theartguy I can't seem to access the scholar.social instance in my browser for some reason. I think I have added it as an instance in Amaroq, but for import/export purposes I need to get to it on a desktop I think. I keep getting a 502 error. Is it down for you too, or am I looking in the wrong place?


Can you send DMs in Mastodon? Can't seem to find that function anywhere, but maybe I'm missing something obvious

Now that there is a selection of apps for mastodon on iOS (not just Amaroq any more), what are people using and why?

@dajbelshaw I've been invited to Brussels for the EBA conference in June. Have you been to t previously?

Just got my holiday read. Looking forward to getting stuck into it. Anyone here read it?

The wonderful mind of an 8 year old:
My son brought home a picture he'd drawn of a sausage and a dog. I asked him what it was about. He said they were religious symbols. Interested, I asked him to explain. "Well, dog is God backwards, and sausage is Jesus backwards." Hard to argue with that!

‘Why I’m not using Twitter next month’

“What we need to do is quickly replace our reliance on the likes of Facebook and Twitter before politicians think that direct digital democracy through these platforms would be a good idea.”


On our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/why-i-m-not-usi

Ah right, just realised that the Mastodon web client is WAY more useful than the Amaroq iOS app. Hopefully someone will develop a great Mastodon app soon.

Every Sunday I publish a weekly newsletter called 'Thought Shrapnel'. It's a roundup of the interesting stuff I come across loosely organised around the themes of and

This morning's issue is here: mailchi.mp/dougbelshaw/thought

"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Here's *MY* list of interests!


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