When did "even" start getting paired with "is" rather than with base verbs? "I don't even know what that is." is now "what even is that?" and it's fascinating how fast that change occurred, and borderline impossible for a casual searcher to find out when that shift happened.

Let me just pitch this idea to you, America: actually show some backbone, and demand states are handed back control over almost everything. It could make things worse, but realistically, the good states will implement all those things the federal government stonewalls atm.

Turns out FLStudio has a built in generic video maker so you can export mp4 instead of just audio, which is nice because Twitter won't let you share mp3 files. Because they're harder to rights-verify than movies? I don't even. Anyway, have some lo-fi chill.

We bought a @Novosbed@twitter.com but after one night the result is "my back is completely destroyed". Medium is apparently softer than a pillow. So here's a free piece of advice for you, novos: actually list metrics. "A 1/10kg round/flat weight sinks x1/x2/x3/x4 inches into our medium"

turn off the shakycam effect when clicking through people's images on a desktop, @Twitter@twitter.com. Don't induce motion sickness for the hell of it.

As always: if you register a facebook account with my email address, I am deleting your facebook account the moment I get the email. How do you even get your own email address wrong in 2019? Are you actually typing it by hand, and getting "writing your own name" wrong? O_o

Today the kitty that visits our house every now and then was basking on the driveway so I went outside to pet it only to discover it had a cautious sibling! After showing that getting head scratches is pretty great, I spent quite a lot of time playing with cats I don't know.

Came back from the olive oil shop. Apparently I spent $200 there. I don't have much of a recollection of the whole event, but I do have several truffle oils now so that's good?

If you're rightly used to convenient restaurant delivery because there's a steady supply of 15yo's with their own scooter: there is no delivery. The end. Sure, you can pretend doordash/justeat/etc work, but they don't.

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Things they don't tell you when you move from The Netherlands to North America: kids with scooters are not a thing. Kids either use transit, or they have a car. As such, the "15yo scooter delivery kid" does not exist here, and restaurants never baked it into their business model.

I don't particularly care about "who's right" when it comes to "the" markdown format. I just want a `text/markdown` that lets me transclude markdown into a webpage =(

I'd like tooling for the web to spend more effort on making the end goal be a proper as-static-asset-as-possible website, with actual pages instead of history.push'ing a JS state, and needing a "router", and "bundling". It's a complete afterthought in almost all tooling atm.

Look, Quebeq, you're adorable but one thing you cannot do is "protect the French language". I don't know if you've talked to a real French speaker in the last fifty years, but they don't speak Quebeqois.

PROTIP: if you don’t want to update to macOS Catalina, and you don’t want Software Update bugging you about it, just run this in your terminal:

sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"

Dear @Adobe@twitter.com, improve your error messages. All you had to do was say which drive, and I'd have been able to fix the problem in seconds. But no.

Apparently, buying 55 $1 shipping items is considered so crazy that I need to wait for the resolution center to look at my dispute for the payment. Thanks @AliExpress_EN@twitter.com

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So I'm buying a pasta maker from somewhere in China via aliexpress. There is no "buy it with all the cutting heads" so we arranged for me to buy the machine and then buy "an order of 55 units of $1 shipping" to cover the cost of the additional heads. Aliexpress has now flagged me

I bought @GHISLER@twitter.com's totalcommander probably over a decade ago, but because as a student I used the trial for years, I _still_ ready my fingers on the [1][2][3] buttons of my keyboard when I start it up, and that's kind of amazing.

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