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Good Morning Mastodon friends. Finally getting the hang of this platform. As Larry David would say "It's pretty...pretty...pretty good"

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This morning at Parktown High School for Girls, young people marched around the school protesting for #ClimateJustice
The future is now. The time for silence is over, it's time to be heard #FridaysForFuture
@ArtivistsZ @350Africa @WWFSouthAfrica @Greenpeaceafric

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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

-- Benjamin Franklin

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The world's top climate negotiator is feeling optimistic. She says you should too

Christiana Figueres took over as the UN's top climate official in 2010, following the failed Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 and played a pivotal role in negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015

"Ten years from now, in 2030, we will either have written a very positive story, or we will really be condemned to an endless destruction. So for these 10 years we're holding the pen,"

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Adding this Mastodon tutorial video to the for easy finding when those joining the have questions.

Seeing real life super villain Roger Stone smiling as he leaves the courtroom is disheartening. He knows Trump will pardon him before he has to serve even one minute in prison. He wouldn't be smiling if his orange crooked friend wasn't president. Lets make sure by this time next year, these types of travesties of Justice don't happen anymore.

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‘It’s not a plan, it’s a PowerPoint’ — @EWarren took no prisoners during her take down of every one of her competitors’ health care plans


2 questions for all as I'm not the most Tech Savvy person in the world:
1- Is there an app for this site? I couldn't find one in the app store or google play store.

2-Can someone explain for a novice how to "self-verify" I tried to link my Twitter to this using the "me" link at the bottom of the edit profile page and I must be doing something wrong formatting wise because it doesn't take.

Thanks in advance.

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