Recording of Interview of maintainer of Pawoo/ :D by and joined by ~12 audiences like @socrates1024 etc

*83 mins

This entity’s initiator and ultimate beneficiary is Suji Yan, with no venture capital involved. Suji Yan also runs several other companies, which have institutional investors involved. These information are public info.

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Regarding the entity name on Pawoo news 'Social Coop Ltd' - this have no relationship with instance . Apologies to the community on the name conflict and this is not our brand name, and we have no plan to use it.
We have to use offshore entity to facilitate pawoo transaction, so this new entity was used at the last moment and media report verified our deal through co. registry, which is public record.

Maintainer of / / will have a zoom AMA/interview in 2 hours (9:10 PM EST, 11:10 AM JST). The interview will be 1 hour long and will take questions in English. @darnell will ask questions.

After we step in I did an interview (in Japanese mostly) with @mikamiyoh . This time with Pawoo - how about let us do an interview in English? Who’s the best interviewer? Open for any questions.
Also since mastodon don’t have ‘clubhouse/space’. Let’s figure out a best way?

PS: I will spend my holiday + new yr in some mountains in Japan so we can do this tmr or after new year.

It's very healthy to question me or the 'Mask Group' why we're acquiring instances and applications related with Fediverse/Mastodon. Actually it's more than welcome. In the end we don't need any philosopher king. Don't trust me, trust the community. :)

What’s the .cloud community think most needed? (ps we will upgrade to v4 very soon)

In the past 2yrs we roughly deployed 2M$ to general Fediverse system (if you count DIDs, more than that). The distribution is not that fair and lots just went to IDC/AWS. In the upcoming years we would like to deploy more through donating, investing and fellowship programs; ideally 1M$ per year. Also wanna form some committees on this. Let’s see what’s the best way.

We will upgrade to mastodon v4 in upcoming weeks. Sorry for the inconveniences. We will also testing and plan the upgrade for and later



株式会社ラッセルは2022年12月21日(水)を持ちまして、PawooをThe Social Coop Limitedに譲渡する運びとなりました。

今後もPawooはThe Social Coop Limitedにより独立したサイトとして運営されます。



The Social Coop Limited
Cayman Islands, Chairman of the Board, Suji Yan

We noticed that Mstdn.Jp is having 500 error since 30mins ago and we’re fixing now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

@WiteWulf @TheAdmin @Sujitech_official & is maintained by Sujitech, LLC. Which is sufficiently funded. :)

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