【mastodon.cloud : problem is resolved.】

mastodon.cloud was down from 2 Nov - 5 Nov UTC.
We succeeded in fixed the problem.

Wasabi (using mastodon.cloud for media server) has a performance

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【mastodon.cloud Email server upgraded】
We are update the Email server of mastodon.cloud.
If you haven't received your email recently, they may be resent.

Hello, community! We want to keep mastodon.cloud safe for everyone to use. For this, we are looking to add more moderators to the team on a volunteer basis. If you are interested, please apply via DM!

[Mastodon.cloud administrator change notification]
7/26 (Fri) 23:59 JST will change the administrator of mastodon.cloud from Kibousoft LLC. (@kibousoft) to Distributed Social Network Organization LLC. (@dsno).

【mastodon.cloud 管理者変更のお知らせ】
事業譲渡に伴い、本日 7/26(金) 23:59をもってmastodon.cloud の管理者を合同会社きぼうソフト ( @kibousoft ) から 合同会社分散型ソーシャルネットワーク機構( @dsno ) に変更いたします。

We will change the mail server of mastodon.cloud because privacy issues.

We are current using SendGrid, but SendGrid has include user tracking system.
We will change to Amazon SES soon.

Media services of mastodon.cloud and mstdn.jp has active Incidents.

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mstdn.jp 並びに mastodon.cloud のメディアサーバ(画像保管サーバ)について、障害が発生しております。

【mastodon.cloud recovered now】
mastodon.cloud was under DDoS attack at Dec 11 from 11:24 to 13:05.

【Mastodon.cloud maintenance announcement】
Maintenance will be carried out between 18:00 and 19:00 today (Dec 7) to change server settings.
It may be difficult to connect to the service temporarily.

【mastodon.cloud メンテナンスのお知らせ】
サーバの設定変更のため、本日12/7 18:00-19:00の間にメンテナンスを実施します。

@evelynyap They will take over operation of the mastodon.cloud from us.
But nothing is going to change.

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