In the past 2yrs we roughly deployed 2M$ to general Fediverse system (if you count DIDs, more than that). The distribution is not that fair and lots just went to IDC/AWS. In the upcoming years we would like to deploy more through donating, investing and fellowship programs; ideally 1M$ per year. Also wanna form some committees on this. Let’s see what’s the best way.


What’s the .cloud community think most needed? (ps we will upgrade to v4 very soon)

@TheAdmin following hashtags would really help build out the community of people I follow on mastodon, I think this will be useful for many new members

@TheAdmin is it by design that favs are only counted if they come from this server?

@TheAdmin Staying current on latest releases is the most important criteria for me.

@TheAdmin , currently, for me, is the good health in the federation world; specially talking about as generalist and international instance.

After the last movement, I think this has gone a bit messed up, unfortunately.

@jabd Hi!
.cloud is managed more by English and non Japanese language speakers. The standard is clear and publish on our server rule. Believe it’s similar to other major instances.

@TheAdmin, Integrating a translation button, as in some other instances and TW? uses Sure they can help if needed.

@marcbeldata We’ve tried on Twidere X then the Google translate bill is quiet high especially consider the size of the instance we maintain. We also love to try libretranslate seems much more affordable.

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