@TheAdmin このような時に、私はもっと日本語を勉強したかったのです。

What does this mean for us users? Will anything change? :blobwaitwhat:

@evelynyap They will take over operation of the mastodon.cloud from us.
But nothing is going to change.

@TheAdmin ...so you couldn't muster a simple 500 character announcement here?

@superroach @TheAdmin lmao, i know, right...? 😂

why only a link to some japanese blog site?

@RaccoonWillie @superroach @TheAdmin there is a link in English, below the Japanese one. But I still don't understand what they were trying to say 😂 It's an announcement for mastodon. cloud users but still I don't know what should I expect after their 'operation'. More anime? Lmao

@kejt @RaccoonWillie @superroach
They're just saying that operation of mastodon.cloud will change from ze French 🇫🇷 monsieur to the Japanese 🇯🇵 kibou-san.

As far as users are concerned, nothing changes. :awesome:

(I asked @TheAdmin earlier today.)

@evelynyap @RaccoonWillie @superroach @TheAdmin aaaaa... ok.... well we were confused for a moment.
I even felt guilty for no reason and had a vision that FOR SURE they'll kick me out of mastodon.cloud , but that's just me ROTFL 😅 Thanks for your support!

@kejt @superroach @TheAdmin lol, they're actually saying their preferred method of communicating is creating a simple text readme file and posting it on a 3rd party site like pastebin... even though the actual 'announcement' is less than 365 characters. 👈😎🇺🇸

@TheAdmin I’m surprised to know this news. I’d like to know how this affects the users of mastodon.cloud.

Thanks for all your hard work making this instance the success it's been.

For those missing the significance of "we have an announcement", it's that is being transferred to a Japanese concern. Whose commitment to English-language communications apparently involves not-entirely-accurate texts posted to Pastebin.

Google Translate of the Japanese announcement:


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