What's knzk and why are the profiles from that instance all fucked up looking on my instance??

@jk the .cloud admin probably has kznk.me set to reject all media files.

Given the following:
* It's a Japanese-centric instance.
* Both admins have anime girl avatars.
* The code of conduct is incredibly sparse.

1+1+1 = It's probably because of Japanese drawn child pornography.

@Alexis @jk knzk is a pretty chill instance, a bunch of lgbt+ folk over there. closest it ever got to that was that one of @Knzk s followed accounts was on one of the nasty instances

@jackofallEves @jk I mean, not to talk shit if knzk is fine, it seemed like a reasonable theory that I obviously wasn't particularly inclined to go investigate.

Dunno why .cloud would have knzk set to reject all media files, then, though.

@jackofallEves @jk Did some tests -- "no suspension but reject media files" is for sure what's happening.

@TheAdmin Is there a reason .cloud has knzk.me set to reject media files?


@Alexis @jackofallEves @jk Knzk once changed the media server.
Now URL has changed to old one, but in this instance that URL is still cached. (Maybe)
Btw I'm his close friend and I know that instance is awesome :)

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