It is amazing how much actual anxiety the Read More behaviour generates in me.

It's because I can see text that I can't reveal. It gives me this horrible feeling of incompleteness, that there are things being kept from me.

This is almost *exactly* the same feeling that Twitter's now-discontinued algorithmic timeline-reordering and 'In Case You Missed It' mode did.

Probably also means that I'm far too addicted to this network, so...

If Read More stays, I'm going. It's probably best.

Yeah, and 'anxiety' just upgraded to something like 'actual nausea or motion sickness'.

So.... good bye, everyone. I can't do this or I may literally throw up.

If I toot any more, it will have to be through an interface other than the default Web one.

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@natecull Damnit! You're at least half the reason I'm here.

@Gargron : Please fix STAT. Thanks

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