@TheAdmin That looks great! I love server monitoring services, I had recently moved to nixstats and it's great and a custom TV stats running Numerics that shows API stats in real time from the servers.

@TheAdmin Looks good, I find cost is a problem, I have dozens of servers and cost ads up with lots of tools that price per server, where Nix prices per batches and runs a lot cheaper for my use.

@TheAdmin But wow the specs you have put into this instance, that's some dedication.

@TheAdmin Do you or anyone else know of any good free server monitoring softwares? i need ones that can work locally inside an intranet

@TheAdmin Can they run on machines that cannot access the outside internet? i have several that are firewalled away for internal use only.

@antiphon @TheAdmin at work we use a commercial tool (big $$$) which is excellent, on machines with no access from the outside deep inside well protected AWS private VPCs. But like most monitoring tools, we install an ‘agent’ on each machine. The agent gathers the stats and squirts the data out to the monitoring home. So as long as your machines can talk outwards on certain IP ports, you should be able get monitoring on an external site. Most monitoring works this way.

@antiphon Can they run on machines that cannot access the outside internet?

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