Does anyone have a job whose main responsibility is explaining the same things to the same people over and over and over again for years and years?

Sometimes I think about the fact that one day my 79-year old father will be gone and after we clean out his rented apartment there will be nothing tying our family to Roosevelt Island.

I'm seeing Bette Midler in Hello Dolly tonight.

I'm excited to see Bette Midler but I wish it wasn't Hello Dolly.

"The human condition must not apologize for itself" -Beverly Ginsberg

Does anyone know of a way to view a list of muted accounts (not just blocked accounts)?

So, here's a thing: there's no place I can find to see the list of users I've muted, only blocked. I've muted way more users than I've blocked. So how's that work?

Oh no there are people whose passions are marketing and product management

Gotta get outta here :cloud_tornado:

For when your toot didn't get enough attention 8 hours ago and you crave further attention for said toot. Retoot yourself.

Since "preferences" have a language designation, is there any way for there to be a setting to allow us to only view toots from others set with the same language?

Would join a fat-activism-centered instance, if such a thing arises.

If Leslie Jones isn't on here I don't much see the point

I'm already tired of people I don't know announcing to the world that they've decided to sign up on X instance instead of the Y instance they originally signed up on and to please follow them over there instead.

Just do your thing guys

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