Hmm. I haven’t been here in months. What’s up mastodon?


A sort of demographic-y survey for Mastodon users!

I'm curious to see what we "look like" and I love to make surveys and then graph the results and share them, so here it is:

I will share the graphs with you all at some point shortly after the survey closes.

Please share this far and wide so that we get results from as many instances as possible! Thank you. :)

Coworker made what he refers to as "death corn." Popcorn made in a skillet with a shit-ton of ghost pepper hot sauce. Just the smell is making me sweat. I ate one kernel 40 minutes ago and my tongue still burns. 😵

I really dislike having to do a self-evaluation for my annual review.

Tornado warning. Again. Sheltering in server room at work. Again.

Can't stop my leg from nervously jiggling today.

I just showed my wife the Apple TV Remote app and her mind is blown.

Rush hour in rural America. 😩😵😶😱 Nothing like 10 mph on a curvy highway.

Also any rock band that uses a full orchestra has my vote

Spotify needs a blacklist feature so I never have to hear Nickelback again

"What exactly does that field say again? I don't have it up in front of me."

Also, I'm totally BS-info my way through this support call by asking good leading questions of the customer. Lol.

I knew I should have peed when I first noticed the need... on a 20 minute (and going) phone call. 😑

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