Are a lot of people from Chile joining Mastodon today?

@Gargron yeah, most people from Chile are coming here after local independent news account @PiensaPrensaOficial was deleted (but later reinstated) by Twitter after some alt-right accounts denounced them.

@Caribu @Gargron @PiensaPrensaOficial

I knew the birdsite was out of control with the bots manipulating reporting algorythms, but a news account? Insane!

@IronMan Looks like it's not just us!

@AgentCarter_SSR @Gargron @PiensaPrensaOficial @IronMan unfortunately, bot accounts used for fake news spreading are quite common here in Chile and mostly created by supporters of an alt-right political party and vocal supporters of Pinochet and his Dictatorship

It's been a growing problem here, as well.

I don't think most people are understanding how grave it can become here.
@AgentCarter_SSR @Gargron @PiensaPrensaOficial

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