Remember Republicans blowing a collective gasket when President Obama made some adjustments to the White House?

Now we're paying for trump and his adult children to be flown back and forth practically every week to stay at their own property. Where is the outrage, Republicans?

WaPo: House Democrats ask Secret Service for details about its payments to Trump’s company:

Do I have any North Carolinians in here?

🔥Early voting starts today in NC!🔥

You can still register to vote or make changes during early voting. After that, you won’t be able to do it during the primary period. You need an ID for that, but there is no voter ID requirement in North Carolina if you’re already a registered voter.

Go to the link for locations, times, & more information.


David Bernhardt was confirmed to Trump's cabinet on April 11 and is now facing ethics investigations as of April 15. A person dressed up like a swamp monster behind him because of his conflicts. Every Republican Senator voted to confirm him.

The House Intel and Financial Services Committees have issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and numerous other banks, seeking info about Trump's finances and the lenders' business dealings with Russians, people with knowledge of the investigation tell NYT.

You can be eloquent and speak plainly at the same time. showed how it’s done yesterday while announcing his presidential candidacy. He wrote the speech and delivered it perfectly, and he did it without even mentioning 45*. After all, our political landscape is populated with others like 45* and worse, so there’s a lot of work to do. Mayor Pete is ready to bring respect and compassion to government. A majority of the country is ready, too. This is the future that Democrats want.

Pretty telling when the Republican governor of Texas refers to the theft of food as "wealth distribution" as if it was an optional luxury people can skip. I'm not advocating breaking the law, but a human being elected to work for the people should have a better plan.

I’m just sneaking over here from the birdsite for the first time. 👀

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