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We are currently aware of issues with updating some packages on the stable / shannon repository. We will have updates on our dedicated discussion topic for this at

We are really excited to be introducing our new community forums! With the introduction of our Flarum-based community forums, we will have a new centerpiece to community engagement that provides us with the user experience and flexibility we've long desired. Read more at

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I'm not saying I'm writing up an announcement on our new forums before making it publicly available...but that's exactly what I'm doing.

So excited to be introducing Flarum-based forums and finally deprecating our phpBB one!

Infrastructure upgrades are now complete and all services are now available. Thank you for your patience!

We will be performing infrastructure maintenance and upgrades tomorrow starting at 9AM EST / 2PM UTC. This maintenance is expected to take roughly 4-5 hours, as we're swapping out drives, upgrading our CPUs, and performing volume changes.

During this time, our hosted services (e.g. Phabricator, forums, and website) will be unavailable. You can follow us here for further updates.

Like yourself some Lutris? They just released 0.5.0 and it's already in stable repos! Check out the new fancy GTK+ UI they have!

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Just built my first desktop computer and gotta say it was a great experience. Installed Solus for my OS after a lot of research and haven't been disappointed. They're killing it with Budgie and the whole experience. I just found my go-to distro.

#Linux #PCmasterrace



Translations now sorted properly. It'll now use our budgie-translations GitHub repository at Sorting out automatic repository pushing soon then I'll be updating the budgie-desktop repository itself. - @JoshStrobl

Indexing is done. Moved over new translations and going to perform a re-index shortly. Worst case scenario is I reset that and push directly to the GH repo, then rebase the Weblate one. - @JoshStrobl

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Taking slightly longer than anticipated. Might've forgotten how long it can take for it to index all the languages.

First world "problem": Having so many supported languages that Weblate takes a bit and forces you to get up and go make some more coffee while you wait. - @JoshStrobl

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⚠️PSA⚠️ Making some component changes in the Weblate for Budgie right now to facilitate the use of a dedicated translations GH repo. Your contributions will be retained, but things might be a bit finnicky for 30min or so. - @JoshStrobl

2019 is going to be a transformative year for Solus. Read about some of the things we have planned at

Just a heads up, we're deferring our sync to the stable repo until sometime tomorrow to provide some extra time to validate a protobuf stack upgrade. If you use an affected package (Compiz, Mumble, VLC, etc.) and you're on unstable repo, please update and test!

Our blog post on what's coming up in 2019 is coming out on Monday so keep your eyes on that blog page! I'm even going to make a fancy roadmap page!

We now have another new Global Maintainer! World, meet Rune (a.k.a ermo in IRC). He's been responsible for supporting, integrating, and documenting Samba, as well as supporting Kodi on !

If you'd like to read about him or follow him on his social media, check out our Team page!

Bryan and I have another Solus Hackfest coming up! On Saturday, Jan. 12th at 10am EST, 3pm UTC we'll be working on the new Search APIs for the Help Center as well as continuing the Sysfs work for Linux Hardware Qualifier!

2018 has been an amazing year for our project. It's brought us new and improved tooling, fresh experiences in , and new faces to our community. Read all about our development efforts in 2018 with This Year in : 2018 Edition!

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Okay, mini-vacation is over. But before I spill the beans on all things, we gotta round out the year with a This Year in Solus of all the accomplishments and development efforts of 2018. So I better get to writing!

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So just a warning but once I'm back from this mini-vacation things are gonna be going crazy in land for the next few weeks.

Don't pay attention to our blog. Nope, don't do it. Also don't pay attention to the download page, nothing is gonna happen in Jan. there. Nope.

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