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Please bear in mind:

1. This new functionality will be without some translations. I will be actively working to get Weblate deployed so we may start translating all the new strings.
2. You may encounter bugs. I only ask you file it on our GitHub so I can get them sorted. It's being put in the unstable repo for a reason folks.
3. It's marked as 10.5. Don't get too excited, it's not the final release.


- Joshua

Solus unstable repo has now been updated to latest Budgie git, featuring the new IconTasklist Popovers and a whole lot more!

With new Budgie popover fanciness on the way, I want to take this opportunity to get the community involved in making the Desktop Actions support available to more applications that we all know and love! If you want to get involved in improving Desktop Actions support, check out this task (which has ways that you can get involved even if you aren't a programmer!):

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Contemplating moving Solus's budgie-desktop package to "latest master" post-sync, maybe conveniently around the same time I land the new popover fanciness. 🤔

New Budgie 10.5 IconTasklist Popover fanciness is nearing completion! Just some more refinements and local testing to go. Check out the quick video I made on it! - Joshua

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Bryan and I have yet another Hackfest planned! Coming up this Saturday (Dec. 1st) at 1500 UTC, I'll be working more on Budgie 10.5 and Bryan will be working more on linux-hardware-qualifier!

Bryan and I are going to be having a hackfest tomorrow (Sunday, 17.11.2018) at 10am EST / 3pm UTC. Bryan will be working on software to validate hardware compatibility and I'll be working on Budgie!

Follow-up: Cert renewal, redirects, and pointing to new repo are all now complete.

PSA: Currently working on updating our certs, including handling those for now that DNS is updated. Everything except packages will be set to redirect, will point to the new repo. Should resolve any stragglers that somehow haven't updated for months or paid any attention to our blog. You may expect momentary downtime of, but likely only upwards of a few seconds (literal moments). But wanted to give a heads up anyways. - Joshua

We're happy to announce another upcoming Hackfest! I know, so soon! In this hackfest, I'll be working on Budgie 10.5 and Bryan will be doing just GTK...things? Tune in on Saturday Nov. 3rd at 10am Eastern, 2pm UTC.

We've now published our update on our Patreon account, current available funds, and insights on previous finances. Read more at

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Last follow-up for "today" (it's almost 3am here): We will have a blog post out sometime today (likely evening GMT+2 here) detailing Patreon. Stay tuned!

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Further follow-up: New post up on our Patreon to more-or-less notify existing Patrons about the situation, as it seems some may not have gotten the notice / read our blogs.

We will still have a blog post on this as soon as possible. Lots of details to go over here.

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Patreon has now granted access to the Core Team for the Solus Patreon account. We will be doing an assessment of the current funds in the account, last / past withdrawals, etc. and will have a blog post detailing all of it soon. Intent is to be completely transparent.

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The @SolusProject Patreon is now at 376 Patrons and $1,319 USD per month. Significant drop since our blog post (1200 USD) but I want to see both of those numbers hit zero! If you're a Patron, please cancel your donation ASAP and read

At present, Patreon has been taking upwards of 9 days to respond to my support tickets regarding Solus and they only are getting back to them after I practically necro the tickets.

In case you have missed it and you are currently a Patron of our Patreon ( ), please cancel your donation and read for more info.

Patreon has been unwilling to assist us despite multiple support tickets. - @JoshStrobl

We've now published In Full Sail, our update on the state of , our project founder, services which we use, as well as our plans for the project and future Solus releases.

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Been working on improving iconography for the Software Center under Solus Plasma Edition (testing). Now using a solus-sc-icons package based on Papirus (without bringing in the entirety of Papirus) for Third Party icons, as well as a multitude of changes to component icons to maximize coverage. 🔥

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