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It's time for The Roundup #11, your bytes of news. In this roundup, we're talking about all the availability of our public Plasma testing ISO, latest stack upgrades we've performed, and an update on feedback for improving community engagement!

It's time for The Roundup #10, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup we are focusing on improving community engagement, reducing barriers to entry, and improving the delivery of Solus news!

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Currently writing up a new Roundup on the goal of improving community engagement, reducing barriers to entry, and more in . Anything regarding the subject you'd like our thoughts on?

We are proud to announce the availability of Solus 3.9999, our ISO refresh of Solus 3! You can read our blog post on it at and download it today at

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🗹 Updated artwork
🗹 Updated baselayout
🗹 Updated branding packages
🗹 Patched os-installer
🗹 Cooked test ISOs for branding validation

Guess all that's left to do is selectively sync these to stable, cook and test stable ISOs, then start our usual release process!

Update on our Developer Tooling migration and upcoming ISOs. Linking to Google+ since 500 characters isn't remotely enough:

Update regarding likely last phase of migration, which is new ISO. We're currently tweaking our solbuild images (used by the builder and packagers) and getting them updated to resolve likely the last developer-oriented tooling update. The goal is to focus on one item or phase, get everything resolved for that phase, then move onto the next. Once this is complete, we'll be updating branding packages and cooking new 3.9999 ISOs. Really looking forward to getting those out to everyone! - Joshua

Our package repo migration is now available via a system update! We strongly encourage you to perform this upgrade as soon as possible. Should you have any issues performing this update, don't hesitate to reach our via our support channels!

After a bunch of testing and some patches to our package manager, now in a much happier state with our migration. Going to be deploying this to shannon / stable repo after we all get some much needed sleep! Thanks to all our testers in Solus-Dev IRC! - Joshua

Ran into a snag during testing. Holding off pushing change to stable until we refine the process a bit. - Joshua

New eopkg/pisi update to switch over to new package repo should be incoming in next few hours. We'll have a blog up on it as well! - Joshua

Documentation for updating Arcanist and development package repos to the new Phabricator is now up

Users currently testing out the Phabricator URL switching script in IRC. Will have instructions up when proven successful beyond my testing. - Joshua

Update on Phabricator: Ran into a snag regarding some repo indexing that's now been sorted. New OAuth bits in place and git-http-backend up as well. Wanting to get docs up on moving to new Phab URLs before considering it "ready". - Joshua

Registration should now function, but expect email to still come from until I get either GSuite or Zoho up for it. - Joshua

We are aware that registrations and email re-activation may not work as expected. This is the result of those still being tied to I'll be working on getting email sorted soon hopefully! - Joshua

Happy to say the forums are now up at Next up will be our Development Tracker, which is expected to be completed sometime tomorrow (on schedule). is now up on the new infrastructure! We're working on getting the forums up now, proceeded by our development tracker.

PSA: We are currently in the process of moving the hosting of to our new infrastructure. Until configuration is finalized, you should expect the unavailability of this website. For more information on this migration, you may see the blog announcement on our previous domain:

It's time for us to supercharge the infrastructure! Read about our infrastructure migration, repo changes, and more at

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