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Hey everyone. We'll be putting our development tracker and forums into read-only mode after today's sync to stable for upcoming service migrations. We'll have more news on our blog sometime tonight, so stay tuned! - Joshua

With the primary domain and server back up, we're currently doing a full backup of the entire host to pave way for a potential migration. More news will follow as we get it. - Joshua

Hey everyone, with the primary domain and server currently not being accessible (thanks OVH), we've set up a temporary mirror via so you can download Solus and visit the Help Center. We'll keep everyone posted with news / updates as we get them! - Joshua

It's time for The Roundup #9, your bytes of news. In this roundup, we are focusing on the continued modernizing of our software stack, improved resilience, and what is coming up this week!

Our sync has been performed. In the event you encounter an error, similar or identical to "System error. Program terminated.[Errno 20] Not a directory: 'usr/lib64/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/align-layers/align-layers'", simply re-run the upgrade.

With today's upcoming sync to stable (in ~4 hours), we kindly request that you run your updates via the Terminal (sudo eopkg up). You may need to do this twice to perform a full upgrade (you'll notice it when you get to GIMP), but it shouldn't be an issue moving forward (as in, you should be able to then go back to using the SC if that is your normal method of updating Solus). We needed to perform a modification to eopkg, we'll have more details on it with tomorrow's roundup!

Smooth sailing once again. Phabricator upgrade is already complete!

PSA: We are currently in the process of updating our Phabricator. As a result, services such as the forums may also be temporarily unavailable (as a result of stopping the PHP FPM service).

It's time for another Roundup, your bytes of news! In this roundup, we’re talking about the multitude of stack upgrades that have been performed in the last week, as well as upcoming upgrades.

It's time for another Roundup, your bytes of news! In this roundup, we talk developer tools, upcoming 10.5 release features, and more!

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Further improvements made to 's upcoming sound mixer functionality in Raven. You'll be able to mute / unmute apps right from it!

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Budgie's upcoming Notification Grouping (with group and individual notification dismissal) in Raven is now working! Still some refinements to do, but making good progress. Looking forward to getting this pushed to git and released in 10.5.

Join us on our summertime hackfest where we work on goodies for 10.5 and improvements to CUPPA! It takes place on Saturday, August 4th at 10am Eastern Time / 2pm GMT over at

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Trying out the new Caffeine applet in (git), thanks to the hard work of yursan9! Really great for preventing screen dimming and triggering of the lock screen during idle!

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For when 100% volume just simply isn't enough, 10.5 is gonna have you covered.

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Excited to see some progress on getting a new applet landed in Desktop core (as opposed to being a third party applet). Nice work by yursan9 on Caffeine applet port!

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You know how I said "should be sorted today" about that whole Settings implementation of the Raven settings thing?

Yea, it's done already.

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After I added a feature in Settings for setting the window focus mode, I've started work on showing / hiding Raven widgets! Still gotta implement the Budgie Settings part of this, but the logic is sorted already. Should be sorted today.

Didn't catch our latest roundup, featuring Software Center changes and a sneak peek at upcoming changes to Budgie? Check it out at

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