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A tease of some final touches on the design for the new Packaging section of the upcoming Help Center redesign for .

Yes, that is a Learn Solus Packaging section you see. Yes, that video series will be making a return. The dozens of you that asked for it will be happy πŸ˜„

Tune into the ferryd: The SQL hackfest tomorrow to see more!

It's summertime and you know what that means, it's time to close our curtains, hide from the sun, and have another hackfest! In this hackfest, Bryan continues his work on rewriting ferryd to enable faster syncs, deltas, and indexing. I work on the Help Center redesign!

Tune in on Thursday, July 4th at 10am Eastern, 2pm UTC at

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Quite literally enabling "32bit" support in most of our packages is a single `emul32 : yes` entry in our package.yml. Worst case is we dynamically set different compile-time flags. It's all built from the same package.yml, same version, same source, as the main package.

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So with all the news about Ubuntu's 32-bit / multilib future deprecation / reduced support, I'd like to remind people that is happy to provide multilib libs for Steam, WINE, and specific binary compatibility, and we're typically able to do it with such little to no effort.

@feynman There's still fixes I've done since the initial sync, so still worth updating nonetheless πŸ™‚

I've gone ahead and created a dedicated thread on our Flarum to help consolidate support queries for those which are not familiar or yet comfortable with our Development Tracker. - Joshua

The sync is now complete! Please report issues you encounter to or create a topic on as I'll be keeping an eye on both to push out hot-fixes. - Joshua

@selea @finlaydag33k

Yea I wouldn't rule that out re. queued messages. Phabricator has the same kind of system.

@selea @finlaydag33k

Shows up as coming from for me. I just created a new account and sent a confirmation email as validation.

Not sure what you're on about blocking. Nobody was blocked here, I did mute you though.


1. It's Flarum.
2. It's showing up as coming from SendGrid for me. Is it not for you? I re-checked the smtp settings on our Flarum (and hilariously enough broke it) and it matched SendGrid's recommended settings.

One of the largest syncs we've ever done to stable is happening right now, this might take a bit folks! We have the GNOME 3.32 stack upgrade, MATE 1.22.1 stack upgrade, KDE Applications 19.04 stack upgrade, and a bunch of package updates coming to you! πŸŽ‰

We're thrilled to announce the availability of the latest 3.32 Stack in the unstable repo, now available to brave testers! Read more about it at

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Going to start pushing the GNOME Stack upgrade + Budgie git builds for tomorrow. Keep an eye on our blog for news about it, I'll put one out when the stack upgrade is complete!

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That's a wrap on the streaming, stack upgrade is now complete locally! Will be testing it and updating Budgie over next few days, keep an eye on the Solus blog for further updates on it. Thanks to all that tuned in to the over 35 hours of streaming! πŸŽ‰

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Going live for Saturday Stack Upgrades for . It's like a party that never ends. Just a really lame party. But you're welcome to join in nevertheless!

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Live on for some more GNOME Stack upgrading as a follow-up to Saturday's Hackfest.

Bryan and I have another planned for this Saturday (April 13th) at 12PM Eastern / 4PM UTC. Bryan will be working on a new implementation of and I'll be working on the Stack upgrade! Tune in at

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