Hey everyone, just as big PSA:

We've officially moved over to @Solus. Unfortunately the mastodon.cloud instance has seen some substantial degraded performance and constant downtime, so we want to remedy that.

I'm going to be keeping this account around for the post history (since we can't just migrate it) but locking it to prevent followers. Please follow the new account <3

- Joshua

Over 1600 delta jobs (generates an eopkg with only the changes between package releases). Oh my! 😱

You should have an updated index now, so feel free to check for updates. Index will be hit-and-miss for a while until all the deltas are completed, just a heads up πŸ™‚

Just a reminder, what you're seeing here is it pulling in packages from unstable to shannon. May want to check back in a bit for when the updates properly land and are indexed (after which point we run delta package jobs, a screenshot of that will follow when we get there). πŸ˜ƒ

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Here we go, sync is now underway! If you missed our blog post on the updates coming to the stable repo, check out our blog post at getsol.us/2020/07/01/usysconf- πŸš€

As a reminder, make sure to do a complete upgrade and please be patient with downloading all the updates! πŸ™‚

It's time for The Roundup #16, your bytes of news. In this roundup, we talk about our progress on the rewrite of our universal system configuration tool, usysconf, as well as multiple major upgrades which are landing or right around the corner!

Read more at getsol.us/2020/07/01/usysconf-

In case it wasn't obvious that were doing a lot of big upgrades, we'll be enforcing our standard practice of deferring sync to allow for multiple stack upgrades and QA. Sync to stable repo is deferred to 03.07.2020. Can't wait to ship all these updates to you! - Joshua


βœ… OpenSSL upgrade complete.
⏳ libboost upgrade in progress.
πŸ” Currently loading new program into minds of team: GNOME, Qt5 and Plasma Desktop updates.

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Local #Solus OpenSSL upgrade is a success!

βœ… eopkg can fetch and install packages still
βœ… Various network-oriented apps like Epiphany, Hexchat, irssi, Quassel, QBitTorrent, etc. tested (validated qt5 networking, glib-networking, etc.)
βœ… Multiplayer games like teeworlds work

Going to be landing this stuff on Saturday into the unstable repo. libboost upgrade expected to go in next week by Global Maintainers too. Sync on June 26th or July 3th expected to be pretty nuts in general.

Hey everyone, we recently opened up a poll and discussion on our forums regarding our LTS kernel (linux-lts) and a possible upgrade of it in the future. If you're a linux-lts user, we'd love to hear your thoughts (and vote on the poll) over at discuss.getsol.us/d/4899-let-s

- Joshua

For those wondering, we'd use YouTube's system like in the past however it seems they removed the option for multiple cams when they forced the new dashboard. Legacy version doesn't have it anymore either. Twitch removed their Event system as well so we can't create and link one of those. We're working on a dedicated section on our website to address this for future events, but there's some additional work we want to get done on it, code refactoring, etc. so won't be ready for the upcoming one.

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We're having a hackfest on June 14th at 1400 UTC (1000 EDT) πŸ₯³ Bryan will be working on refining the usysconf Golang port in preparation for its major 1.0 release, and Josh will be working on OpenSSL 1.1.x upgrades as well as its transition path.

Tune in via multistre.am/therealdatadrake/

It is a common misconception by users that the best editors are either emacs or vim. Clearly the best editor is Visual Studio Code, which just saw a 1.46.0 release! Check it out in tomorrow's sync. - @JoshStrobl

P.S. This is not the official view of Solus or all of Core Team. At least not until I convert them.

Is Vivaldi your browser powerhouse? Vivaldi 3.1 introduces a new full-page Notes Manager and even more customization options! Check it out tomorrow when it lands in the stable repo. πŸ₯³ - Joshua

I heard like new goodies. Like that new fancy GIMP 2.10.20 release.

Would be a real shame if that landed in the Solus stable repo tomorrow, wouldn't it? Then you'd have to spend the rest of your day checking out all the new tools and filters. πŸ˜‰ - Joshua

Thought I'd try something new today since sync is planned for next Friday (27.03) to allow for testing. Here's just a highlight of some stuff coming to you next Friday (with more planned next week).

Have a good Friday and weekend folks β™₯️ - Joshua

The GNOME 3.36 Stack is now in our unstable repository, available for brave testers. If you're interested, check out dev.getsol.us/T8829

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Going live for a day of GNOME 3.36 package pushing to the unstable repo and random stuff while waiting for packages to build! Tune in at twitch.tv/joshstrobl

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Stream is done and basically all work on GNOME stack is done (excluding some things I need to rebase). Time for pasta salad and some gaming. Will be testing and pushing out stack upgrade on Monday to unstable, so keep an eye out for that and possibly a blog post!

If you missed any of it, I'll hopefully have it up on my LBRY
channel sometime early next week depending on time, will share links out when it's published. Thanks to all that tuned in live and kept me company and from losing my mind.

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Going live for the last day of streaming of the GNOME 3.36 stack upgrade! After that it's all local testing then off to unstable on Monday! Tune in to this hopefully shorter stream of mostly rebuilds and rants at twitch.tv/joshstrobl

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Just got done with an almost 7 hour Day 2 stream for GNOME 3.36 Stack Upgrade for . Almost complete with the upgrade, one final day + shorter stream for tomorrow of mostly safety rebuilds.

Planning on testing it during the weekend and releasing the updates on Monday!

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