It is a common misconception by users that the best editors are either emacs or vim. Clearly the best editor is Visual Studio Code, which just saw a 1.46.0 release! Check it out in tomorrow's sync. - @JoshStrobl

P.S. This is not the official view of Solus or all of Core Team. At least not until I convert them.

@danslerush @SolusProject Literally zero use for VSCodium compared to just disabling telemetry (telemetry being something I'm not inherently against) in VS Code.

@JoshStrobl I'm not gonna lie I'm not very familiar with VSCode/ium. OK but I don't get the point in doing a fork in that case ... I say that and we have a GLIMPSE :troll: @SolusProject

@SolusSpider @SolusProject Next you're gonna tell me instead of a car you're still using a horse and buggy!

@jeybe @SolusProject There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And it's Visual Studio Code.

@SolusProject @JoshStrobl
sry but I like having free memory to run other programs. :thinkerguns:

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