Happy to say Solus now has its own vendor pool zones for NTP graciously provided by the NTP Pool Project, allowing us to move away from Google for NTP / time server usage.🎉

Our systemd has been updated, stable repo users can expect the update next Friday🙂 - Joshua

Building on this, we are also looking into alternatives to systemd's default DNS server: Google, such as Cloudflare DNS (which is, by default in systemd, the fallback). Should we find a privacy-oriented alternative that can operate on our scale, we'll look into switching over.

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@SolusProject Thanks for caring about protecting your users privacy AND for being transparent about it!
Has the Google-DNS-issue been resolved? Is this tracked in phabricator?
Also, to be clear: does Solus force the user through systemd's DNS per default or is the whole systemd-resolved only a fallback solution not turned on by default as in Debian?
Fwiw, I think the local gateway's choice should be the preferred choice. For fallbacks, one more vote for OpenNIC.

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