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@SolusProject Well... turns out I DO NEED yet another account because I'm neither on Phabricator nor on GitHub...

@oliverzet I'll take it as a compliment that you haven't had to join our development tracker to report an issue yet 😉

@SolusProject Well actually there have been some small issues now and then. I'm just not familiar with all those technical terms and I don't know how GitHub works. So I just lack the competence to file an issue at GitHub.

@oliverzet Well we'd be happy to take your issues on our forums and we can escalate it to GitHub or Phabricator if necessary.

@SolusProject and yet another account... 😛
Thanks. Right now it's running fine. Just waiting for Solus 4. By the way, It's nice seeing Solus in the Fediverse 😀

@SolusProject just so i'm perfectly clear on what's happened here, the old forum contents are no longer accessable in any way?

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