In case you have missed it and you are currently a Patron of our Patreon ( ), please cancel your donation and read for more info.

Patreon has been unwilling to assist us despite multiple support tickets. - @JoshStrobl

@SolusProject @JoshStrobl : New (and proud) user of Solus, I was wondering if you are planning another recurring donation platform to help you ?

@danslerush @SolusProject Right now we have no current plans for monetary donations. If we join Software Freedom Conservacy, we need to see what types of payments / platforms they support beyond PayPal, wire transfers, and checks. If we don't end up joining SFC (or they permit the following), we'd be interested in using Liberapay.

@danslerush @SolusProject Building on that, I'd ideally like to support donations if / when possible via selective cryptocurrencies (specifically BCH, BTC, ETH, LBC, PPC, XRP) and Flattr.

Hi @JoshStrobl and thank you for your answer ! I think personnaly that Liberapay could be a good move (and multiply the sources of income as well ;)). May the force be with you and I'll look after any news about that !

cc @SolusProject

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