We've now published In Full Sail, our update on the state of , our project founder, services which we use, as well as our plans for the project and future Solus releases.

@SolusProject Tough go guys, but good to have a glimpse into what's been going on. Best of luck in the future.

Sounds like a rough situation all around. I hope @ikey is safe, wherever he is and I wish @SolusProject the best of luck for the future.

Thank you for the update! This is the best project in linux world EVER and this is thanks to you.

Thank you so much for that post!
I cancelled my patreon donations for now, but if you decide to offer some other form of support model, I'll be back in a heartbeat. And thanks again for all your hard work in that difficult time. Since no one seems to be in contact with Ikey at this time, I'm actually a bit concerned about his wellbeing. I sure hope he is up and well, or at least on his way on getting there.
Best regards,

@opentrash @SolusProject Thank you for the kind words and please accept my deepest apologies for the situation with Patreon. We have truly done everything we can to get access to the account via Patreon Support and they have repeatedly been unwilling to help. I just hope the voices of our community will bring it to their attention more.

Until we can assure this won't happen again, we will NOT accept monetary donations.

@SolusProject Thanks for clearing this up. I was worried about the project. It's sad that you see Ikeys appearances in various podcasts so negative because that's what got me interested in the project in the first place and led to me supporting you. I completly understood Ikeys decision to walk away from that but I would not underestimate the good publicity the project got from it. Sadly also too much negative attention for Ikey it seems...

@SolusProject I wish you guys the all best, will continue to follow the project and see if I will find something to contribute sometime.

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