Update on our Developer Tooling migration and upcoming ISOs. Linking to Google+ since 500 characters isn't remotely enough:

@tiubuk I have no interest in Diaspora. It's just linking to Google+ because it doesn't have a character limit. If Mastodon didn't have a limit it'd just go here. - Joshua

I understand for character limit, but I think Google+ is : 1 : Google (😠 ) 2 : dead. diaspora* is a little more alive (and no character limit). But just my point of view! I'm always a satisfied Solus user: good job!

@tiubuk You luckily don't have to join Google+ to view the post, unless you want to comment.

@SolusProject but wouldn't the official Solus Forum be a more logical choice for announcement or even the official Solus subreddit? Maybe next time ;)

@Kelvino @tiubuk That'd require us to use the forums :P Most of the Core Team doesn't.

Re. subreddit, that's just trading Google for Reddit, pick your poison. We announce on both, your choice as to whether or not you click the link.

@SolusProject @tiubuk If you're interested, there are Mastodon instances with a 60,000+ character limit, and most Pleroma instances have 5,000+.

@artik @SolusProject @tiubuk that sounds like a viable option now.

@Kelvino @artik @SolusProject @tiubuk Yeah

Btw, you messaged the wrong artik, and the mentions to the rest didn't work lol

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