Our package repo migration is now available via a system update! We strongly encourage you to perform this upgrade as soon as possible. Should you have any issues performing this update, don't hesitate to reach our via our support channels!

@SolusProject To all performing the update. Please let me know if this update works for you. It's pretty common practice that people only report when something has gone awry, would love to hear about the update working too!

@JoshStrobl @SolusProject
All seems fine here, as usual.
Thank you for all your hard work (and for returning to Mastodon).

@JoshStrobl @SolusProject Happy to report that the update went well. Thanks for all the hard work especially in these last few days! You guys rock! :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

@opentrash @SolusProject Glad to hear it worked and thank you for the words of encouragement, means a lot to us!

@SolusProject By the way:

"Desktop Linux has finally arrived for the masses: MX Linux vs Solus".

"Both are designed to "just work" without any need to tinker with the system (but you can if you wish to do so). This makes them ideal replacements for Windows or macOS."



@SolusProject Does that photo mean that Solus installs/runs perfectly on a MacBook Pro?

@SolusProject Ah, might be worth mentioning that the OS probably will not function properly on the shown device (or, even better, perhaps feature a photo of a device by an independent Linux-based computer manufacturer to support them) :)

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