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Yep, this is gonna take a fair bit. Index should be updated but if you hit it at a time it's landing a delta into the index, just try again. I recommend reading our latest blog post before updating! - Joshua

All of our desktop offerings are getting updates this week, whether it's our newest 10.5.1 release, , , or ! Read all about the latest happenings at

Our ferryd and Help Center hackfest starts in about 1 hour! Tune in at

With the latest goodies from the GNOME 3.34 stack in the unstable repo, we're going to be deferring sync until next Friday to ensure the updates you're provided are delivered in a manner which reflects our expectations for testing and polish. This will also provide us an opportunity to work out any issues related to Linux 5.3.1!

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I still have some tweaks I want to do, but here's both Budgie and GNOME Shell 3.34 under πŸŽ‰

Budgie: Works βœ…
GNOME Shell: No regressions in extensions - Dash to Dock, Impatience, and TopIcons Plus all functional βœ…

I'd also like to mention that this will NOT delay our GNOME Stack upgrade. I'll be finishing that up this weekend and maybe small bits (branding updates) on Monday. I'll instead be working on Help Center next Saturday!

- Joshua

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately Bryan is quite under the weather and will not be able to make the hackfest. As such, we will be rescheduling it for same time but NEXT Saturday. Apologies for the short notice, I'll see about doing a Twitch stream on Monday to make up for it!

- Joshua

Happy to announce our upcoming hackfest: ferryd, Reporting for Query Duty, for Saturday Sept. 21st at 10am Eastern, 2pm UTC! In this hackfest, Bryan will be working on report generation in and Josh will be finalizing work on the 3.34 stack upgrade!

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I'm streaming Day 2 of GNOME Stack Upgrade for in about an hour over at, feel free to join!

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Gameplan today:

1. Work on some package upgrades that are a bit more tedious or long-running (e.g. mozjs + gjs, libwebkit-gtk, libgtk-3 itself, etc).
2. Go to store to get goodies.
3. Stream GNOME 3.34 stack upgrade over on πŸŽ‰

Still around 4 hours or so out from starting the stream, but feel free to follow me on Twitch and turn on notifications to get notified on when I'm going live! I'll also keep peeps posted on my socials with any adjusted ETA!

Our maintenance is complete! We're now using the latest releases of Weblate, Phabricator, and Flarum.

If you have any issues, please report them to

PSA: Planned service maintenance for our forums, development tracker, and translate web services are planned for Wednesday, September 4th. See for more details!

Brisk Menu, our distro-agnostic menu implementation for the MATE Desktop, is now available to be translated on our Weblate! Do you want to get involved? Learn more at πŸŽ‰

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