Just testing the new Mastodon.Cloud. I'm using @SlowRain as my main account, but I may use this as my backup--unless I decide to split my personality & park part of it here. 😁

In case something permanent happens to Mastodon.Cloud, I'm moving over to Mastodon.Social. My account there is @SlowRain. See you there.

electric scooters offered a unique battery-swapping way to charge up. Then announced the , which offers 4 ways. Now Gogoro thinks it's being a hero by announcing a 2nd way, making it the "world's only dual system"...but they're still 2 behind the competition. They need to offer home chargers, too, if they hope to compete with Kymco's customer-friendly system.


TFW the student who was always the slowest last year isn't the slowest anymore this semester.

I have a quick question. I want to buy some Rhodiarama notebooks which aren't available in Taiwan. Is there a good website in France (but not Amazon) that you or other French expatriates use when you want to order things from home? Thanks.


From Top Gun to Stand By Me: why the 1980s is my favourite film decade


There's some truth to this, especially comedy, action, & adventure. Post-80s writing in these genres is mostly dreadful. Interestingly, the 80s was the last decent decade for fiction, too.

This article on the electric scooter mentions "open" no less than 4 times. I have high hopes for it, especially considering there's already a Kymco dealership on every street corner and small village in . I hope they're reasonable about licensing out the to other manufacturers, unlike and their closed, proprietary system.


People in the 21st century have few convictions & are so easy to manipulate.

I was teaching my grade-6 students happy vs happily vs happiness yesterday. The boys were laughing because all they heard was "a penis".

I'm not a huge fan of the electric scooter because of the way they're so controlling of everything. This new looks promising: home charging, battery swapping, plug-in charging, extra batteries. I just hope they're better than Gogoro at licensing out the to other companies.


This is the other Jin Yong novel I read years ago: Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (but I like the name Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain better). Unfortunately, it's a very revenge-based story. But I like the detailed descriptions of the kung fu fights & the names of the moves, plus the whole idea of the martial-arts clans & Taoist sects.


Is there some new security feature I'm not aware of. I've recently tried to follow some people. It says "Request Sent". I don't remember having to approve anyone following me, and these accounts I want to follow aren't locked (I can see their posts plain as day without being a follower.) What gives?

Anyone shocked by Facebook's problems over the last 2 years wasn't paying attention to their rise & Zuckerberg's attitude from the beginning. It was plain from the start this is the kind of person he was & the kind of company he ran. They've always been horrible.

I haven't done extensive analysis or scientific testing, but I seem to prefer Rhodia paper to Life Noble (both are cream/ivory in color). The inks have a richer color, dry faster, & don't skip or hard-start. Now I have to see if I can track down a Rhodiarama in the B5, A4, or A4+ size here.

There was a run on toilet paper last month in Taiwan. It turns out to have been a marketing stunt by a supermarket chain.


Walnuts. My snack around the apartment. This is 4斤 (2.4kg). I'll have to see how long this lasts.


I just learned the word 'punnet' today for the first time in my life. Now I get to go teach it to some elementary-school students so that they, too, can never use it again in their lives.

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