Did anyone not choose 69, 420, or 666 as their jersey number in pokemon

I'm moving to anarchism.space since mastodon.cloud is apparently for profit now.

LRT: South Jersey DSA's Queer working group is likely working on something to help pay the fees for people's birth certificate changes. Our chair is very interested in helping folks out that way, so if that comes to be I'll def share it here too 💙

heads up for any trans comrades in New Jersey 

a new law goes into effect 2/2/19 that allows you to amend your birth certificate with your correct gender by filling out a form, a letter from a surgeon isn’t required anymore :trans_heart:


Demi Adejuyigbe is better than Weird Al & Girl Talk combined

Do people do anything on Fridays that isn't eating nachos and listening to Pete Seeger

Always the Frankenstein's monster, never the Frankenstein

Been playing Mario Odyssey for the first time and last night I cried during the New Donk City festival, I'm normal my emotions are fine why do you ask

Today I, a cis man, tried to tell a non cis man that just because they know good cis men does not mean that:
- Cis men are fine
- Toxic masculinity doesn't exist
- Other, non-cis men can also exhibit traits of toxic masculinity because of cisheteronormative capitalist patriarchy
All on the FB wall of a fellow comrade. I gave it up to avoid mansplaining or sounding like a jerk but boy, role reversals huh

tired: mommy was kissing her husband

wired: mommy was actually kissing santa claus

inspired: it's a non-monogamous relationship. daddy kisses santa claus too, kid. why is this even song-worthy news for you

I started Breath of the Wild last night and based on my playtime already, I'm pretty sure Mao warned of it as counter-revolutionary

Cultures around the world: performing the complex alchemy of spice by blooming chiles in oil, grating fresh ginger, toasting and drying and enhancing with fats, tempering with acids

White guys: I got this hot sauce with an atomic explosion on the label, I'm gonna ruin this burger

@jk Mad that you called Wajeff your evil alter ego in the last Seeing Reddit when we all know the canon of SR clearly states that his name is Beff, and also that there's racist puppets whenever the listeners hear anything bad. I am not a crackpot

I thanked a guy in black bloc for their service at the counterprotest in Philly yesterday, and then we saluted each other. It felt good to honor the real troops.

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