Richard Stallman: "Encountering other people without [Covid-19] vaccination is like driving a car without learning how to drive safely: it endangers oneself and others. Everyone who can get vaccinated has a duty to do so." (Sep-2021)

Many think that the COVID is deadly and still tout it to everybody around them.....'s as wrong as the ones who believe in the flat earth.
Hereafter, U will see that global number of death since 80'(in France)
In US, the stat is to come 1 year later: available for the 2022 midterms.
🔸Do U think it could be analyzed by some (hope not by most) as a moral betrayal?
🔸Could it be a kind of nuke for the 2022 midterms?

@fasgate CV19 has killed many. The flat earth comparison is bizarre.

In fact, if we observe the number of deaths since 1982: NO.
Nevertheless, many still believe that "COV" killed many...but no more than in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016..etc
Look at the curve and U can conclude.
Not even need of a big mathematics, 9th grader should be enough.
So, bc of that, I wondered if there is a huge difference between those who believe the Cov was more deadly than 2018 and those who believe that the earth is flat.
I dt think being so provocative by saying that.

@fasgate I'm not buying into your conspiracy theory. Poor maths skills doesn't even come into it if the sources are hokum or incomplete.

I dt understand Ur point
Since that:
❶Cov is not more deadly than in 2019, 2018, 17, 16, 15....
❷vaccin only lesses the disease
❸vaccin doesn't stop the transition

From ❶❷❸tell me a good reason to do so (except of course coercion)

@fasgate You clearly will not be getting the vaccine - that's your own choice. We can agree to disagree.

@Siucraym Yet another reason to consider switching from GNU/Linux to BSD. Clearly the belief in freedom that many of the GNU/Linux leaders claim to have is strictly limited to the realm of software. If Stallman is so concerned about his health, I would recommend he go on a diet rather than trying to force others to get injected with dangerous experimental drugs. I can guarantee you his obesity is likelier to kill him than the emperor's new virus.

@echobeach What other GNU/Linux leaders do you disagree with? I agree that RMS should lose weight but that's a different argument. You call it 'emperor's new virus' - we can agree to disagree on that. By jumping from GNU/Linux to BSD - it's like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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