Find a cool product on ?

That company exists OFF Amazon, too.

1) company name.

2) Order from their site.

2a) Can usually find a 10% code!

3) Still get product in 2-8 days.

4) Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.

5) You avoid giving money to .

@Siucraym Although I have to admit sometimes there seems no way in contacting the company or finding their shop outside off A. That's truly dissapointing.

@Siucraym @Bobo_PK I found out by chance that the local news/paper shop uses Amazon to sell also toys for children. Sometimes they have 30 huge boxes in their shop, all labelled to be sent to Amazon. I guess they just outsource all the logistics and storage to Amazon, being able to offer "prime" experince they could not offer otherwise. And they only need to handle the bulk stuff.

So I guess some shops want it that way...

@Siucraym I did that when ordering a book, while I haven't found a 10% code or something, there was a small artwork/postcard put into the package which was very nice.

Well, nice idea. But I recommend not to buy anything unless it is urgent. Consumers on strike help us to find the weak spots of the dragon. They want to change the world, we too. Opposite direction, of course


Yeah, it can come out that you are paying more than 35% extra for the conveinience of letting an online store handle communication with locally produced tools.
$150 + shipping from a manufacturer vs. $235 + shipping from an online distributor in my case.
And you can send it directly to them for repairs!

amazon is great for the reviews but it baffles me that more people don't do this
@georgia @Siucraym because what's the point of my Amazon Prime subscription with free two day shipping otherwise?

@Siucraym the company exists. Under normal circumstances it would ship. Today it says Due to COVID-19 unable to ship...

[1/3] And now, what it is like in real world:
You have to do an internet investigation to find another shop for that product, then you have a 90s shop system. If you don't quit at this point, you try to pay for your item but can only use bank transfer as payment method. A few days later, after you did the transfer, you get a mail, that your item is not on stock, even if the shop system said so. If you're lucky, you get a shipment note another few days later.

[2/3] When your item is delivered and it is okay, you're fine. If not, you have to mail the shop, wait for an answer explaining that you had to check the item before signing the delivery. Further mails later the shop agree to replace your item but you have to pay for the shipment. After you shipped it back and the item was checked by the shop you get a mail, that they will send it back to the manufacturer before replacing your item.

[3/3] And if you're lucky you get a working item after a month. I think it is a good idea not to buy at Amazon. I use some known good shops, if they offer the same product. But I tried to buy on unknown shops a few times and every single time I had problems like this.

@Siucraym @fruechtchen This is exactly how I reason. Also trying to avoid products from countries with policies I don't agree with like China and the USA.

DuckDuckGo. It's like Google but doesn't monetize your search history.

@Siucraym 6) Keep Amazon from avoiding taxes, somehow.

@Siucraym I think the only reason i use amazon is the free next day shipping honestly.

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