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In today's ep of #LinuxSpotlight, I get to talk to my friend @dolphin_oracle who is a perfect example of a guy who started out just wanting to give back to a distro and is now the Lead for one of the most popular Linux distros out there @mxlinux

==> youtu.be/S-7VFTWxBn8

New episode is out!

Interview with Mathieu, the Lutris developer • Short and sweet.


Jane Goodall: "It is our disregard for nature and our disrespect of the animals we should share the planet with that has caused this pandemic, that was predicted long ago."

Tails 4.6 is out!

It fixes several security issues that affect #tails 4.5.
You should upgrade to Tails 4.6 as soon as possible.

Also new:
- Update Tor Browser to 9.0.10 :tor:
- Add support for Universal 2nd Factor USB security keys.
- Update the list of applications in the Favorites applications submenu.
- improves the input method for Japanese.

Read the full report here:

Tails 4.7 is scheduled for June 2.

Plans for the next releases:

Wow! Our post in which we asks for a technical writing consultant to strengthen our Technical Writing team, that we published via #mastodon has already more boosts then the post we published at #twitter.

very new #mastodon account with 300 followers
- versus -
old #twitter account with 51.000 followers.

fediverse 1 : 0 twitter
(this post: fosstodon.org/@tails/104123506)

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@distrotube Hey DT. Why don't you also upload videos to ? Please do.

3,997,743 accounts
+136 in the last hour
+2,636 in the last day
+20,478 in the last week

1 BTC = 8969.8933 EUR (average from all sources)
1 BTC = 8905.05 EUR (source: bitstamp.net)
1 BTC = 8904.2 EUR (source: kraken.com)
1 BTC = 9100.43 EUR (source: coinbase.com)

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1 ETH = 213.0497 USD (average from all sources)
1 ETH = 212.759 USD (source: poloniex.com)
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1 ETH = 213.69 USD (source: coinbase.com)

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Recently, the handling of online defamation has become a hot topic on many mass media as well as social media channels. News Article for Reference: https://www.jiji.com/sp/article?k=2020052500387 In response to these reports, it is expected that lawsuits and disclosure requests will become more publicly known; and government agencies will order stricter enforcement in addition to tightening regulations. However, under the current state of Japan, we will not be able to handle the increase of such administrative burdens and will have trouble dealing with it appropriately. Thus, we have decided to stop providing our service on mstdn.jp and mastodon.cloud starting June 30, 2020. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding on the matter.