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📢🎁 Hi /e/ supporters and users!
Today, we announce the first release of /e/OS "Pie" on two smartphones!
- OnePlus 6 "enchilada"
- Google Pixel "sailfish"
Download, test and report your experience!

Two amazing and inspiring women making a difference for the good of the planet and everyone who calls it their home 🌍💚✌️ We hope to make it over to Plymouth tomorrow to wish @gretathunberg a safe voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to New York.
She is embarking on a 2 week sailing trip on a 60ft racing yacht to travel using clean energy ... What a mission and isn't she living with such conviction!
If Greta does so can we... Everyday we all have to make choices, let's make time to really think over those carefully and become aware of what we choose and how that impacts the Earth and everything on it.
Take it seriously...we can work together to make a change 🌈

#fridaysforfuture #climatechange #wemustact #bethechange #gretathunberg #vegan #janegoodall #cleanenergy #earth #care #futuregenerations #whatsyourexcuse #dontwait #cowspiracy #worktogether #actnow #thegreenhousesparetreat

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#Xfce Settings 4.13.8 released with a variety of improvements for color management, displays, and the settings backend. #Xfce414


I see #xfce is trending, and I'm using GNOME. Behind the times?

RT @xfceofficial@twitter.com

Say hi to #Xfce 4.14! After >4 years it's finally here - enjoy!
Check our website for the release notes and a full changelog since 4.12.

Looking for a step by step tutorial on how to install Ubuntu Server? Look no further! bit.ly/2hdEQ3r

RT @peta2@twitter.com: Circuses aren’t the only way elephants are abused for entertainment. Tourists (usually unknowingly) pay for elephants to be abused just so they can ride them 😢 RT if you would never ride an elephant. #WorldElephantDay

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