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Moisture Vaporators now available on planet . Where's when you need him?

/. New Solar-Powered Device Can Pull Water Straight From the Desert Air

Are there any *official* or project tooters out there yet for other projects?

Currently working on , , , and maybe .

Oh, and : :cat2:

@wilw Hey Wil - speaking of , wanna keynote @ApacheCon in Miami? We loved you in 2004!


Hey, this is , so I've got lots of characters left! I still have the signed Just A Geek copy you got then, and we all went to the ST in after - very fun seeing your reactions!

Thanks for considering - let me or Rich Bowen know if you're interested!

@Sempf Have you ever considered bringing a chaos monkey with you? :monkey:

But yes: IOT testing, especially in non-strictly-controlled areas, means considering a lot more issues. Especially every single possible layer of network connectivity.

Does anyone offer yet?

Fascinating. Reading @nathaniel thread about federating and cross-instance search for users (key need! yes!). Go to my other account on, and I search for @nathaniel - and the user profile I see from that instance only has 1 post/no pic/zero followers. Either different @nathaniel, or the data fetch is REALLY slow.
cc/ @ShaneCurcuru

@lars Nope, using my instance's website, I see your username as @user@serv... well, the end of it is cutoff by the UI, but I do see toots from other instance users with subtly different IDs. The Name, however, is not different.
Good point - it will be easy to impersonate each other in the case of users who don't know to look at the ID, not just display name.

@lars Don't forget the difference between local/federated and check how people's user IDs appear.
Still need end-user documentation that explains it (especially when you toot to @lars on this instance...)

@Sempf Emjoi! Not ANSI! : elephant : :elephant: : mouse : :mouse:
And the diamond next to my name is just an emoji, as the green check is. Was looking for a blue checkmark, but sadly, none.

@Sempf Nope, most people just have one account, on a single instance. Most instances then federate to send messages to all other instances... yeah, kinda like email as @tinker noted elsethread from my instance.
You *could* grab your name in different places, but not much need.

@pocketpc_ @DiogoCampos Not necessarily. Each user account is tied to that instance. So someone else may have the same user ID :astonished: on other instances.
In any case, user migration between servers is *not* supported yet, but I imagine with interest the developers will build it someday

This is going to be interesting to converse since every instance's server will have their own separate downtime / throttling issues / security questions, so while I can toot locally, it looks like sfdeljknesv won't see this... until the server's back up and re-federates? In-federates?

good article:
Tips: :fireworks:
- Search bar is hidden at top of Compose panel
- With narrow browser windows you get just one column at a time
- Your Username is tied to your instance (server), but you can toot at anyone on the world of all the elephants
- Every server is run by a different admin

@Brook Yes: this is one of the practical issues with Mastodon vs. Twitter. At least with Twitter, there's a *consistent* large-scale owner of the domain/hardware/features who you know is trying to monetize you with ads. With Mastodon, the vast majority of users don't know who or what is running the server their ID/content is on. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's bad - but it's *harder* to figure out now.

@Dostoyevsky Most instances share, but they don't all have to. And some people like the landrush :loudspeaker: to get their name, I'd guess. One concept is that more like-interested people will be on individual servers, but that doesn't always happen.
More user-focused explanations:

@erinT Each "instance" is a different server at a different domain name (and probably run by different people). Federation means most of the instances magically share timelines with each other.
Look at the names in the Federated view - some will be just "@ErinT" and some will be "".
In normal life, you probably don't care which server is which (except some may be slower than others).

@jumptronic You are on, like I am. Look at the difference between "Local" feeds and "Federated" feeds and you'll spot how the usernames change. Federation means you can always see/follow people on your server, and usually can see/follow people on other servers (unless something in the internets breaks).

Three biggest :elephant: needs:
- Friendly *end-user* help for people interested in tooting, but who don't care about APIs, licenses, or how it works.
- Improved search. And an easier way to *find* :flashlight: search.
- Better and consistent /about pages for servers. Who runs it, why, where, and what will their policies be long term (and when will it get unthrottled). Federation is great - but your ID is still tied to one server.

@Sempf Hi, sfdeljknesv, that looks great! Now to figure out how to help explain "federated social" to normal humans! :rofl:

Odd looking that IDs end up with the @ sign at front too.

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