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Moisture Vaporators now available on planet . Where's when you need him?

/. New Solar-Powered Device Can Pull Water Straight From the Desert Air

Are there any *official* or project tooters out there yet for other projects?

Currently working on , , , and maybe .

Oh, and : :cat2:

Fascinating. Reading @nathaniel thread about federating and cross-instance search for users (key need! yes!). Go to my other account on, and I search for @nathaniel - and the user profile I see from that instance only has 1 post/no pic/zero followers. Either different @nathaniel, or the data fetch is REALLY slow.
cc/ @ShaneCurcuru

good article:
Tips: :fireworks:
- Search bar is hidden at top of Compose panel
- With narrow browser windows you get just one column at a time
- Your Username is tied to your instance (server), but you can toot at anyone on the world of all the elephants
- Every server is run by a different admin

Three biggest :elephant: needs:
- Friendly *end-user* help for people interested in tooting, but who don't care about APIs, licenses, or how it works.
- Improved search. And an easier way to *find* :flashlight: search.
- Better and consistent /about pages for servers. Who runs it, why, where, and what will their policies be long term (and when will it get unthrottled). Federation is great - but your ID is still tied to one server.

: the newest landrush - but with a twist. :smile_cat: Your ID is unique, because it includes the local instance name. You can chat to other federated instances - since they are other servers, someone there might have the same name as you.
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