I feel like I can talk here without fear of reprisal.

I'm leaving my startup. It was dead 3 months ago, if I'm completely honest with myself. But, I said I'd give it a year. And now, things are nowhere near what I envisioned. No money. No work-life balance. No passion project. What's the point?

What's particular frustrating is the CEO admitted he hadn't really tried. I think he thought he was turning a phrase at the time, but it was telling. I put in everything and he just didn't back it up.

He convinced me to join on the premise that it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement. They'd get VR in their portfolio and I'd get a marketing and sales team.

After a while, it was just a slog of whatever-strikes-the-CEOs-fancy-this-week. Never any time to make anything good. But he also wanted to blame us for not finishing anything.

I don't think it was malicious. He just doesn't know how to manage or compartmentalize his emotions.

But that doesn't mean I have to stay.

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