So, I wrote this thing about how Gizmodo phished the White House and bragged about it...apparently without thinking about the legal implications of trying to phish people...

Just spent a week with my parents. Resupplied with dank dad jokes.

So Fox News spied on reporters Ailes didn't like, and possibly on a host he had fired after her sexual harassment suit was filed.

Wanted: a way to filter all the Japanese out of the federated feed. (Not that I have anything against Japanese.)


I have had so many security vendors lie to me in the last month, it's getting to be assumed as the default setting.

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I got mad at several websites for breaking standard key bindings before realizing my keyboard wasn't plugged in

♻The TP-Link M5350 has a XSS exploit via text message. Responds with admin password in clear text. Lovely. @internetofshit

I've written 'toot', a very simple command-line utility to allow Mastodon posts to be sent from the command-line:

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