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This reminds me of the early YouTuber community circa 2006/7. We were a bunch of lovable weirdos. It’s a good feeling.

you know I'm glad that Mastodon is working out partially bc I recognize my idea of everyone moving to the Pornhub comment section was gonna be a hard sell

@bowers I’ve lived in Dallas, Boston, and NYC and Chicago is by-far the best city to live in. Gorgeous weather right now too. Check back with me in Feb though.

Just a reminder to new Mastodon folks: if you want to join an instance where the only letter you can use is "e", I run and registrations are open!

I’m a Chicago who used to make music Now I have office job by day and fiddle as a children’s fantasy and by night.introduction

I’m all about those politics.

Feel free to say hi and help me learn to mastodon. I like people.

I’m a newb that just came from Twitter. Where should I start? Who should I follow as a Chicago progressive who likes tech, Democrats, news nerds, and sci-fi / fantasy?

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