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ok, so what does everyone else do when they feel incredibly tired but can't sleep and it's 2:15am and fuck I'm tired and really need to sleep...


wtf are you mad? why are you on mastodon and reading auspol stuff?

Is there a way to make to columns in Mastodon web app wider?

The process of finding and following people (that don't match through the bridge) seems tedious and complicated, especially when they are on remote instances.
Is there some special trick to this that I'm missing?

Also just discovered you can't use the same browser to have different Mastodon accounts open at the same time.

OK, so I'm still not really getting the usefulness of the local and federated timelines when you can't filter them on the languages you can read.

@imbsky Is there a way to filter out the non-English messages? Shouldn't the language settings be filtering them out?

I like that I haven't needed to block/mute "Insiders" here on Mastodon. That almost makes it worthwhile in itself.

How does it match "twitter friends" and "mastodon friends"? Does it assume they have the same handle on both platforms?

as far as I can tell, the "Federated timeline" is totally useless. It just scrolls stuff I can't read or understand. What is it used for?

so... how do I view the feed of just the people I am following/friends? I seem to just see a lot of "random" people on my Home list.


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