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I love and live in .

I work in and I'm also a - often working in . Big on and simple communication in my work. Fan of people and big picture, system-level thinking.

I also organize and tech-adjacent events and work on a sweet life-charting app called Entire.Life.

Big on - usually reading a dozen books across genres. Give me recs! Recently started relearning . Always looking for the next thing to learn.

Fitting an all the js code into the gapping hole left when I removed jQuery is my jam

Every morning my struggle is do I or do I - I’ve now got 3 stellar (and unique) recipes - so as of late is winning

Fixed an exterior light that’s been broken for a decade this evening - appear that a mouse was living in it, I probably caught plague, but there is light!

Piping my Alexa into my Mac line-in and then out through my circa 2003 SoundSticks give the 1982 Fleetwood Mac I’m listening too sound toasty warm, might eBay a tube amp just for fun

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