Find a pen you love - that's what I'm saying, pay a few bucks and start a relationship

I ocassionally get free from Pen companies, this is a niceity that happened organically, in return I tell them what I think about their prodcts, Fact: most americans treat pens like something you get free at te bank, which is why most for the US market pale in comparison to their or counterpart - I could talk forever on this topic, there's a in there somewhere

I concur 4 year old child, Red is my favorite flavor as well...

So Bluprint has a reality game show called ‘Doodle Wars’ who do I need to bribe to get on this show, seriously...

Adding a few new goodies to my go-bag, krink ultra-matte black spray paint, a fixed blade multi-tool, and a solar usb charger (and marshmallow peeps)

dogsitting for the next week - happiness is a warm dog

@thomasfuchs modern gaming might (possibly) be more immersive but IMHO it’s also less relaxing and enjoyable than games like Commander Keen

making myself Oreos - mostly because I can, but also because I have milk in the fridge

Glad to see that printing their own money hasn't impreoved Comcast's service any

Because I need constant (distraction/stimulation) I always have youtube or amazon or netflix playing on my laptop - been using Fenétre for a while for that - it's a floating menubar browser, which turns out is also really good for mastodon - seems like a decent solution (for me at least)

‘Lemon Ricotta Bread Pudding’ that’s what I’m thinking - just not sure how, yet...

Also... dear restauranteurs if you put creme brûlée it better be on point - that’s a steep slippery slope and if it’s not perfect, it’s terrible - no gray area there

The seemingly obligatory intro:
I am based, I’m a , , , not always in that order, I do a little , and have been considering doing some , late at night I and conjure up edible magic in my - I’m loud, I’m obsessive and my middle name is (seriously, it’s rant) oh and for comedic effect I bend the truth into the shape of a pretzel, not one of those NYC pretzels a philly pretzel - which if you didn’t know is mostly knot, Hi!

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Been thinking a *lot* about the next 10 years of Indy Hall, and finally got some of those thoughts recorded during a podcast session with one of my fav local Philly shows.

The gist: I want to create some kind of apprenticeship program designed to help people find work that grants them freedom.

This includes reframing "entrepreneurship" as "creating a sustainable job for yourself FIRST" but it includes other career paths too (remote employment & other hybrids).

All based in Philly.

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