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Jill Stein threatening DemExit is like Tanya Harding threatening to quit figure skating.

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Progressives refusing to vote for Biden vs. trump were never that progressive to begin. after trump wants to take away health care, rollback women’s right to choose, and completely and utterly destroy the 99 PCT of this country. Cuz - ya know, it’s not bernie

Governor of

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How not to use gloves by @GovRonDeSantis@twitter.com.

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Drop the interim bill; no more stimulus unless it's reciprocal across administrations; no more stimulus unless the election is safe for people to vote in amid plague conditions. EVERYTHING depends on this. crooked.com/articles/democrats twitter.com/nytimes/status/124

Progresso Chicken & Orzo with Lemon soup, with an extra squirt of lemon.

.@GOP@twitter.com We will remember in November.

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I waited 2.5 hours today in rain and hail (and a mask and gloves) to vote in Milwaukee because @wisgop@twitter.com and @scotus@twitter.com would rather risk lives than have a fair election. Instead of 182 polling sites, we had 5.

About time.

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BREAKING: Sen. Bernie Sanders is suspending his 2020 presidential campaign. nbcnews.to/2Xm3B0S

Oh, this is peak

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Golden tickets to heaven, Jesus behind the KFC, a scam run by Stevie an alien, a flying saucer, a planet made from drugs & Tito willing to wear a wire to set up Jesus, it has it all!!
*I apologize for not tagging original tweeter, my screen jumped & I lost ya.

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This is the most indelible stain on the Supreme Court.
It will go down in history as the moment the justice system consciously attempted to kill democrats

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2/ ...exhaust people with rage and despair and fury. He wants them to just give up and accept his shit. The message is, "I have no shame, no bottom, no limits. Fuck you."

I *wish* we were still shocked by how bad he is as a President and as a man. It's a stain on this country.

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Up in the middle of night. Again.
Found this thread.
Can go back to sleep.
Ty, Rick. twitter.com/therickwilson/stat

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I would pay good money to watch Elizabeth Warren make Jared Kushner cry. twitter.com/ewarren/status/124

Trump appointed as Press Secretary just to wind up the White House press corp with her pathological, outrageous lying & to deflect their attention away from from important issues concerning Trump's failures & lies. They always take his bait

.@PaulBrounMD@twitter.com how many more generations will America be dragged down & befouled by the likes of your kind of bigotry & ignorance?

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How to try to win election by stoking fear amid the COVID-19 crisis:

Former Georgia Rep. Paul Broun who is running to return to Congress just released an ad warning that “in uncertain times like these,” it’s important to protect yourself against “looting hordes from Atlanta”

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of “what to expect when you are electing” which will focus on Putin and Trump’s long range goals of dividing us by pitting “red states” against “blue states.”

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This is a huge red flag. President Trump’s repeated attacks on those who hold him accountable make clear Congress cannot leave him unchecked. With so much at stake, Republicans should join our call for the serious oversight this President clearly needs. politico.com/news/2020/04/07/t

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Obama told y'all in 2016 democracy was on the ballot. Now y'all want him to make an appearance. For what? Are you going to listen now?

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