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Two nurses, who have witnessed first hand the toll Covid is taking in Colorado, stood up and peacefully counter protested. Here is how they were treated. I had join them.

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3 of the largest "against the quarantine" Facebook groups are admin'ed by the Dorr family, right-wing grifters who apparently do this a lot. There's a website (dorrbrotherscams.com) and a Facebook page (facebook.com/trueiowagunowners) dedicated to exposing them. h/t @apokerplayer@twitter.com

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@trcfwtt@twitter.com @Danphillipsresi@twitter.com @AnOldLefty@twitter.com Broward and Miami-Dade are doing their separate thing from DeSantis, thank goodness, as I have friends and extended family living in the area...but we all still worry DeSantis may force them to comply by threatening withholding some state $$

When you run out of toilet paper

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This is a very satisfying video on its face.

But when you learn from the source that it is a woman from the Lakota tribe tearing down the confederate flag off a truck in South Dakota...well it becomes infinitely more satisfying.

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Few things scare me as much as the sight of white people with guns ...

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In the middle of the coronoavirus pandemic, the Army gave a politically connected firm $569 million — not to manufacture ventilators or protective gear, but to build 17 miles of Trump's border wall.

The firm is a reliable contributor to GOP politics. thedailybeast.com/army-decides

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The Trump administration has awarded a $55 million contract for N95 masks to a company with no experience producing medical supplies and whose parent company filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

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2,500 MAGA death cult idiots were in Olympia, WA claiming coronavirus is a left wing hoax and demanding the state reopen. What is to blame for this level of stupidity and is it wrong to hope they all wind up on ventilators?

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And to be clear, by "masculine" I mean the things his own followers would associate positively with manliness: Stoicism, courage, manners, self-restraint, even chivalry. He is, in every way, a little boy with impulse issues. And yet they think of him as tough. I don't get that.

Who's surprised at the naked of Trumpers?

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This was at the Re-Open Ohio protest.
Apparently , isolation brings out peoples true colors.
In this case, these guys prefer the color racism.

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Bernie Kerik complained about instilling panic and hysteria over the virus. One month later, COVID-19 took his mom.

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Who is behind organizing these protests where people are calling for an end to social distancing? They aren't happening spontaneously.

Look, an obscure conservative group called Convention of States Project.

And guess who is aligned with them? @marcorubio@twitter.com @SenRubioPress@twitter.com

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Every person in this video is effectively giving the middle finger to doctors and nurses who are sacrificing everything to try and get this virus under control

How stupid are the majority of Floridians?
Ron deSantis
Marco Rubio
Rick Scott

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Inside GOP Plot To Steal YOUR Unemployment Cash
sub: Scandal-Plagued Exec Turned Senator Rick Scott Set Scummy Plot Into Motion


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