I gotta sleep. We will see where this lands tomorrow.

In the meantime feel free to suggest some instances...ya know, just incase.

Keep your head up Mastodon friends.
❤ you all.

Checking in before bed and see lumpy over at "the other site" mention a certain new arrival...oh shit.

Load up the 'ol tooter...sure enough. God dammit! I liked the ☁ - I dun wanna move...

Fucking Wesley!!!

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coming back after 8h of sleep while the Wesley thing was going down on here

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I take my shirt off to eat. I'm the hellslob.

I know I am quiet here, but I really do like just browsing through Mastodon. So much more peaceful and friendly.

A great distraction to end a day of taking endless shit as an Ohio guy for NOT defending Urban Meyer. My personal FB account (I know, but it is my means of seeing the niece and nephews grow up) has been riddled with Pro-Meyer posts.

Say my peace, and hell let's loose. Sheesh. 😥

Hope everyone has had a great Sunday. Under the weather myself, see you all tomorrow. 👋😷

I believe you can "move" accounts? Saw it on the browser version, and on others accounts - not sure on the specifics. Maybe someone can help. 😊

Full disclosure: I love cold pizza.

But reheating a slice in a skillet, is fantastic! Crust is crunchy, cheese is thick n melty. *drools*

Yes! The love is great, but just interacting with a real person, and not an angry bot-person is game changing. 🤗

No, but I couldn't resist. 😁

It's Saturday! Grab some cereal and let's toot our childhoods!

Show me your

"Teenage Tootin' Ninja Turtles"

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