It's Saturday! Grab some cereal and let's toot our childhoods!

Show me your

"Teenage Tootin' Ninja Turtles"

Just looking for a boost to start the day.
Toot ya later, Rocketeers!

Day 1 was a blast!
Day 2 we shall see...

I'm out folks, g'night! ✊

No Hillary.
No Trump.
No Nazis.
No centrist bullshit.
No fucking GoFundMe's for former FBI.

So far Mastodon has been just like heaven.

But for real, good first day here for me. So much positive energy. Looking forward to branching out.

Keep it coming!

For real just gonna follow alot of folks engaging those I migrated over here for.

You know, just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks approach.

Figure it out later. Maybe make some good connections.

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